EuroMillions Ticket Offer: Buy 1, Get 2 for FREE!


EuroMillions has just announced some pretty spectacular rule changes, which will lead to  even bigger Superdraws and a huge increase in the average jackpot size for Europe’s biggest lottery. To celebrate this fantastic news, we’re giving our players access to a massive EuroMillions ticket offer that lets you buy THREE PLAYS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! All you need to… Read more

EuroMillions Rule Changes 2016: Bigger Jackpots, 12 Lucky Star Numbers


We’ve always loved EuroMillions, from its fantastically fun gameplay to the glittering prizes on offer in every draw. Now Europe’s leading lottery is set to become even better, thanks to the most significant set of EuroMillions rule changes since the noughties, when the game launched. Twice as many jackpots over € 50 million EuroMillions has always been fun, but the… Read more

This is the home you can buy with a third of a $1.8 Billion Powerball jackpot


The world turned upside down for the Robinson family this January, when every single one of their numbers was called in the biggest lottery draw of all time. The Robinsons had won a third of a $ 1.8 billion Powerball jackpot, equating to the incredible sum of $600 million dollars. In the immediate aftermath of their life-changing win, the Robinsons… Read more

Top 10 Lottery Daydreams Pretty Much All Of Us Have Had


Imagine winning a jackpot worth millions. What would you do? These are our top 10 lottery daydreams – here’s hoping that one day they’ll come true! 10) Quitting your job If you’re unlucky enough to be in a job that’s not exactly everything you deserve, we’re pretty confident you’ll be all too familiar with this particular daydream! 9) Rubbing it… Read more

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories


Lottery Syndicate Success Stories Lottery Syndicate Success Stories – Joining a lottery syndicate will never fail to boost your chances of winning a major prize. So as long as you’re happy to settle for less than a full jackpot total. Each member buys a share in every ticket bought by the syndicate instead of buying a full individual ticket. By… Read more

Try these fun ways to pick your lottery numbers


Fun Ways to pick lottery numbers We would all dearly love to win one of this week’s multi-million euro jackpots. It’s always worth remembering; the game of lottery is more about having a good time than getting rich! Try out these fun ways to pick lottery numbers and we guarantee you’ll play with a smile on your face. Win or… Read more

DinoLotto FAQ: Inside Europe’s Biggest New Lottery


DinoLotto FAQ – All you need to know ! There’s a big new lottery in town, and its name is DinoLotto! This shiny new big money game is only available via PlayEuroLotto,.com So if you are a new to our site you are probably not much aware about it yet. The DinoLotto FAQ section is meant to answer your questions… Read more

How much can you increase your chances by joining a syndicate?


How Joining syndicate increase winning chances ? For the more pessimistic lottery players out there, winning a jackpot can sometimes seem like an impossible dream. But what if your chances were to increase as much as 512 times over? Playing as part of a syndicate is an incredibly effective way to bring a major lottery win within reach. Here is… Read more

How to redeem a PlayEuroLotto gift code?


You’ve just received a PlayEuroLotto gift code – lucky you! Claiming your discount or bonus is easy as pie if you follow these seven simple steps: Make a note of your gift code Add items to your Cart as instructed Whenever we offer our players a Gift Code, we always provide instructions regarding products which you may need to add… Read more

Why didn’t my lottery numbers win?


Winning lottery numbers Losing at the lottery can be a bit of a drag. .Ssome days the whole thing just feels like an impossible dream. Have you ever found yourself asking why your lotto numbers didn’t get drawn? We’re afraid to say there’s no definitive answer to that question, but we do have some useful points for you to consider.… Read more