5 Reasons to Believe in Winning the Jackpot

We all know the feeling. You’ve been playing lotto for years, but winning the jackpot never seems to get any closer. Landing a top prize in any lottery requires a whole lot of luck, but there are actually plenty of reasons to feel cautiously optimistic about your chances of a jackpot win. We’ve compiled a few of our favourites to get you motivated this July:

Good things come to those who wait

Sometimes these words are simply the last thing you want to hear – especially when you’re feeling dispirited, short on hope or out of patience. But there really is some truth in the saying, based not so much on  sentiment as it is on the simple law of averages.

Unless you’re exceptionally lucky, you’ll find that it’s almost impossible to achieve something really big in life without spending a lot of time and effort on it. Think of your studies, your career, your relationships – these things take time, and instant payoffs are few and far between. Good things come to those who wait because those who wait actually do the groundwork required to achieve good things!

If you ever feel impatient or frustrated when playing lottery, this may be a sign that it’s time to start playing the game in a slightly more relaxed manner. Make every draw fun by using a new method to pick your numbers, always stay within a comfortable betting budget, and above all remember that there will always be more chances to play. Image source: Youtube

ANYBODY can be a jackpot winner

In almost every aspect of life, the odds are stacked against ordinary people. Only the most naturally athletic get to excel in the majority of sports, only the privileged and well-connected can break into the world of politics, and typically, only the very rich or very good-looking get to date a supermodel.

What’s so amazing about lotteries is their ability to break this unfair trend. In a lottery, a factory worker’s ticket is just as likely to win as a CEO’s ticket!

For evidence of this remarkable characteristic of lotteries, look no further than the disparity between some of the most famous lottery winners.

Naturally, sometimes a rich guy wins a lottery jackpot. The three men pictured above are Tim Davidson, Brandon Lacoff and Gregg Skidmore – a trio of asset managers from Connecticut who jointly claimed a massive Powerball prize of $254 million back in 2011. So far, so predictable.

But lotteries being what they are,  the top prizes often get claimed by some of the poorest people in society.

Source: Irish Times

Just take Ngame (above) for instance. Known simply by his first name to the press, this guy struck it rich with a €400.000 win in the Spanish Christmas Lottery 2015, just years after arriving in Spain on a crowded boat from Senegal.

Lottery is truly a game for rich and poor alike. Whoever you are, you have good reason to hope!

You have the power to change your odds

Lottery will always be a game of chance – that’s the whole point and the appeal of the game. Having said that, lottery players have more power to influence their chances of winning than they might at first believe.

fascinating lottery statistics

We’ve written loads of articles about this subject over in our lottery tips section, covering topics including choosing lottery games with a mix of odds and jackpot levels to suit your ambitions, improving your odds by tactically adding bets, and picking random numbers to secure a bigger prize share in the event of a tie. Wise up to give yourself a better chance of winning a lottery jackpot than ever before.

What’s meant to be will be

Cheesy as this may sound, the universe tends to have a way of working out exactly as it should in the end – even if there are hard times along the way. Some of us are meant to win huge jackpots out of nowhere, whilst others are simply meant to enjoy the ride. Whatever happens, win or lose, we say you should always play for fun, and always keep a little hope in your heart.

Keeping going is the only way to give yourself a chance over your lifetime

Perhaps the single most important reason to believe in winning a lottery jackpot is the simple fact that if you lose faith and stop buying tickets, winning a lottery jackpot becomes an impossibility. In our eyes, the minor weekly cost of playing lotto is a very small price to pay for the dream of one day winning a jackpot. No lottery jackpot winner ever won their riches after giving up hope.

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