5 Unbelievable Facts about MegaMillions

Facts about MegaMillions

MegaMillions is an unfamiliar name to some lotto players, but in the United States this game is as much a part of life as cheeseburgers, slam dunks and electing reality TV stars as leader of the free world. We promise you that once you’ve read these 5 unbelievable facts about MegaMillions, you’ll have a new-found fascination with this grand old American lottery. And remember, if you like what you hear, you can bet on MegaMillions right here at PlayEuroLotto.

The MegaMillions brand is a teenager!

MegaMillions launched back in 2002, which means the brand is now fifteen-years-old. Unlike your stereotypical moody teenager, it continues to spread brightness and cheer throughout the world!

The very first MegaMillions draw was an unforgettable occasion in United States lotto history. Held on May 17th 2002, it immediately delivered a $28 million win for one lucky ticket holder in Illinois. Within just 68 draws (that’s thirty-four weeks), over ONE BILLION MegaMillions tickets had been sold, which made this lottery one of the most commercially successful ever. By the end of 2013 that number had risen to 29 billion. Pretty good going for a teenager!

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MegaMillions has paid out three of the world’s top 10 jackpots

There are all sorts of reasons to love MegaMillions, but above all, it’s the game’s monster jackpots that keep players coming back. That’s what makes it Mega!

At the time of writing MegaMillions accounts for three of the biggest jackpots paid out in a regular lottery in recorded history, worldwide. The most recent was a $536 million top prize, won on July 8th 2016. Just one player hit the jackpot in this instance – they opted to claim their prize as a cash lump sum of $378.3 million, which goes down in the record books as the highest cash value jackpot for a single ticket in any lottery.

A few years back MegaMillions hit even greater heights, dishing out the two largest jackpots ever seen (surpassed last year by Powerball’s record prize). On March 30th 2012, three players shared an unprecedented jackpot pool of $656 million. Then, less than a year later, a similarly gargantuan jackpot of $648 was split two ways, between one player in Georgia and another in California.

New York is currently the luckiest MegaMillions state

MegaMillions is known in the United States as the successor to The Big Game, which was the very first ‘multi-state’ lottery – a lottery held collaboratively between different states across the nation.

It’s remarkable to see how different participating states have fared in terms of MegaMillions jackpot wins. New York State has been comfortably the luckiest in recent years, having claimed six jackpot wins since MegaMillions went through a high profile relaunch October 2013. Compare that to three wins for California and just two for Texas.

So what exactly makes New Yorkers so lucky? We suspect this actually has a lot to do with them making their own luck. New York State has the high MegaMillions ticket sales to match its superlative jackpot rate.

MegaMillions pays out an astonishing amount of prizes

Main numbers Mega Ball Odds of winning Prize
5 1 1:258.890.850 Jackpot
5 0 1:18.492.204 $ 1.000.000
4 1 1:739.688 $ 5.000
4 0 1:52.835 $ 500
3 1 1:10.720 $ 50
3 0 1:766 $ 5
2 1 1:473 $ 5
1 1 1:56 $ 2
0 1 1:21 $ 1

We love this fact from MegaMillions HQ! Since MegaMillions relaunched in October 2013, an incredible 556 million prizes have been paid out to winning players at all prize levels. That’s a whole lot of people with something to celebrate thanks to MegaMillions!

There are nine prize tiers in MegaMillions, ranging from a dollar right up to the jackpot. All you have to do to win a prize is match the Mega Ball – you don’t even need to get a single regular number right! The ease of winning smaller prizes is one of the things that keeps MegaMillions fun for its players. Sure, in the long term you’re hoping for a bigger win, but these small victories will keep you smiling.

This game is open to players from all over the world!

Some of you might reasonably assume that because MegaMillions is an American lottery, you can’t play it from anywhere else. If that sounds like you, you clearly don’t come here very often!

PlayEuroLotto exists to bring the biggest lotteries from around the world to a new international audience. Wherever you live, so long as you’re registered with us you can play any of our lotteries from Europe and the US. MegaMillions offers a different flavour (and an entirely different level of prizemoney!) to any European lottery. We think you deserve the chance to try it, no matter where you’re from.