6 Things You Didn’t Know About PlayEuroLotto

Some of you have been with us for just a few weeks, some of you will still be thinking about signing up, and others will have been with us for years and years – but how much do you really know about PlayEuroLotto? We’ve put together this article about PlayEuroLotto to tell you about some of the things that make us who we are.

We’re going to be six years old this year

6 may not sound like a grand old age, but in terms of online lottery providers, PlayEuroLotto is practically a senior citizen. We’ve seen the rise and fall of lotteries around the world, paid out  millions of euros in prize money, shared the most amazing stories with our players and had some great fun while we’ve been at it.

Watch out for some amazing promotions when we officially celebrate our sixth birthday this May!

We’re on social!

Are you following us on Twitter? Do you like us on Facebook? If not, then why not go ahead and give us some love? For one thing it would make us really happy, and for another, there’d be plenty in it for you too!

The #1 reason to follow us on social media is that we use our accounts to host exclusive promotions that could earn you free lottery bets at the cost of a simple like or share! Surely you wouldn’t want to miss out on that?

Our Facebook and Twitter profiles are also great places to catch all the latest lottery news, tips and gossip from the PlayEuroLotto blog. In our humble opinion this makes our followers some of the best-informed lotto players on the planet. 😉

Your PlayEuroLotto bets are extra-secure

Did you know that every bet you place through PlayEuroLotto is secured by one of Europe’s top lottery insurance providers, Emirat AG?

There would be no point in us selling you lottery bets if we can’t be absolutely certain that you’ll receive every penny you deserve – and that’s why we’ve chosen to invest in such a high-profile insurance partner. We don’t just want to make you think we’re a lottery site you can trust – we want to earn your trust through everything we do.

There’s never a week without a € 50 million jackpot at PlayEuroLotto

One of the things some people find frustrating about lotteries is the way jackpots can vary hugely from week-to-week. In certain games you may be playing for a world record sum in one draw, and then for a fraction of that figure in the next.

We’ve removed this problem by creating a brand new lottery, DinoLotto, which features a set jackpot of € 50 million, every single Friday night. DinoLotto uses the same gameplay and results as EuroMillions, but the jackpot is always going to be at the same high level. For players who want big jackpots to play for every week, there’s no better place than PlayEuroLotto.com.

Play DinoLotto now

We employ people all over Europe

In order to run an international service, you’ve got to employ an international team. PlayEuroLotto.com is staffed by like-minded lottery lovers from all over Europe, including Slovakia, Malta, France, Austria and the UK. Our team is spread across offices in Malta, Gibraltar and Slovakia – but of course, we all get together as often as we can to catch up and plan your lotto services.

We’ve tried our very hardest to put together the ideal team to deliver the perfect lottery experience you deserve. Our developers, customer support agents and strategists are working round the clock to make your dreams come true.

PlayEuroLotto is now available in thirteen different languages

We’ve decided to make it our priority to ensure that our service is available to as many different people as possible, because everyone deserves the opportunity to win a life-changing jackpot! At the time of writing PlayEuroLotto.com can be used in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Danish
  • Swiss
  • Finnish
  • Ukrainian
  • French
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • Chinese

This long list of languages means PlayEuroLotto could potentially be used by over 2 billion people in their native tongue! Lottery is becoming more and more of an international game, and we like to think that our service is leading the way in making it even more accessible and inter-connected.

Want to change your PlayEuroLotto language? Just click the flag symbol towards the top-right of our homepage and take your pick from the drop-down menu .

We hope this article has taught you something new about PlayEuroLotto! Remember, if you ever need us, just give us a call or an email using the details listed in our Contact section.