The Biggest Lottery Moments of 2016

Biggest Lottery Moments of 2016

Is it that time of year already!? 2016 has been something special, from Usain Bolt’s history-making treble Gold at the Rio Olympics to Elon Musk’s announcement that he plans to settle human beings on Mars by the end of this century. These are crazy times, and that goes double for the lottery industry – just read our biggest lottery moments of 2016 and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

JANUARY: Powerball DESTROYS the lottery jackpot world record

Back in 2015’s end-of-year lottery review, we told you to watch out for Powerball breaching the $1 billion jackpot mark and breaking the lottery jackpot world record, which was then held by sister draw MegaMillions. We knew the big moment was coming, but even we were blown away when Powerball delivered the goods just a few weeks after we made our prediction, on January 14th 2016.

In a watershed moment for global lottery history, Powerball paid out an unprecedented jackpot worth € 1.38 Billion to three exceptionally lucky ticket-holders in the United States.

When will the next billion euro jackpot come around? Nobody can say for sure, but we do know that lottery jackpots are getting bigger. 4 of the 10 biggest jackpot prizes ever paid out in a regular lottery have been won in 2016. Read our coverage of the world record Powerball win

APRIL: The world gets a brand new lottery: DinoLotto

In a landmark moment for both and for online lottery players everywhere, we launched our very first original lottery, DinoLotto, on April 15thRead our DinoLotto FAQs

DinoLotto is a brand new online-only lottery game, exclusive to our website, which offers two chances per week to win a set jackpot of € 50 million. DinoLotto’s gameplay and results are based on EuroMillions, so it’s incredibly easy to pick up – the only difference is that you will usually be playing for a bigger top prize!


JULY: MegaMillions strikes back with biggest ever cash prize for one player

Earlier in the year, the former giant of world lottery, MegaMillions looked in danger of fading into the shadows as Powerball continued its meteoric rise.

But all that changed on July 8th, when MegaMillions delivered the biggest ever cash value lottery prize for a single lottery player – an entire jackpot worth $536 million, taken as a cash prize of $378.3 million. The jackpot sum on offer in the draw was ‘only’ the seventh biggest of all time, but crucially, just one ticket holder matched all of their numbers correctly, meaning they got to take home an unprecedented individual prize.

SEPTEMBER: Revolutionary rule changes at EuroMillions

EuroMillions marked the most significant rule changes in its history with a € 130 million Superdraw on Friday 30th September.

From the perspective of many European lottery players, the changes to the EuroMillions format represented the biggest lottery news story of the year. The changes included:

  • Increase in the Lucky Star number pool, from 11 to 12
  • Bigger jackpots more often, with an estimated 100% increase in jackpots over € 50 million
  • Increase in starting jackpot, from € 15 million to € 17 million
  • Increase in Superdraw jackpots, from € 100 million to € 130 million
  • € 0,20 – € 0,50 increase in ticket price (depending on territory and availability)

Most players have welcomed the changes at EuroMillions, which will encourage massive jackpots on a regular basis. Those seeking shorter odds have plenty of alternative options, from playing EuroJackpot to joining a syndicate. Meanwhile, those who like to dream big now have a more compelling reason than ever before to play EuroMillions. Read our guide to the EuroMillions rule changes

OCTOBER: EuroJackpot equals its own jackpot record

On October 14th, for only the second time in its history, EuroJackpot paid out a maximum jackpot prize of € 90 million. The prize-money went to a single lucky ticket-holder in Germany, increasing the German lottery jackpot record by over € 5 million. Remarkably, this was the third instance in 2016 of a monster EuroJackpot prize breaking Germany’s lottery prize record. We reported on EuroJackpot’s first German record-breaker of the year back in March.

This has been a massive year for EuroJackpot – and we’re predicting more great things from Europe’s second-biggest multinational lottery in 2017.

What next?

So that’s it for another year! What’s next for lotto in 2017? Leave your predictions in the comments section.

Many happy returns!