Top 5 Funniest Powerball TV Ads

funniest lottery ads

We’re huge fans of the world-beating Powerball lottery here at PlayEuroLotto. Not only has this game given us the world’s biggest ever lottery prize, it also provides us with bags of fun in every draw. To celebrate this leading light of global lottery, we’ve assembled what we believe to be the 5 funniest Powerball TV ads ever screened. So rich, … Read more

How much can you increase your chances by joining a syndicate?

lottery syndicate increases your chances to win

How Joining syndicate increase winning chances ? For the more pessimistic lottery players out there, winning a jackpot can sometimes seem like an impossible dream. But what if your chances were to increase as much as 512 times over? Playing as part of a syndicate is an incredibly effective way to bring a major lottery win within reach. Here is… Read more

5 Things You Should NOT Do If You Win The Jackpot

It’s tragic really. They play the lottery for months and years on end, and when they finally win the jackpot, they mess the whole thing up and end up back at square one. Over the years we have encountered hundreds of stories concerning lottery winners who’ve ended up in nightmare situations as a result of their own poor decisions. If… Read more

The Ultimate Lottery-Winning Playlist

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling in the mood for a little musical entertainment here at PlayEuroLotto HQ. Here are a few essential songs that need to be on your lottery-winning playlist – enjoy! I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie Minogue What could be better than a little early Kylie Minogue synth pop to get you in… Read more

14 heart-shaped Islands for Valentine’s day

heart-shaped Islands

Heart-shaped islands Heart-Shaped Islands, If you’ve taken your lover to a lakeside idyll or an island paradise for Valentine’s Day, you can heartily congratulate yourself on a job well done… but we can go one better! As if island getaways weren’t romantic enough, these beautiful heart-shaped islands were formed by Mother Nature into our most widely used symbol of love… Read more

The 10 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World

Best paying jobs in the world best paying jobs in the world – As any school drop-out, jaded college graduate or world weary fifty-something what they think of employment and you’ll probably get the same answer, and a rather negative answer at that! There are so many dull jobs out there, but not these! These are the best jobs in… Read more

Check out these Fun Lottery Facts

Millions of people around the world play lottery every single week, so it should come as no surprise that a wealth of fascinating and fun lottery facts have emerged as a result. Digest these bizarre and sublime pearls of truth and never again will you be stuck for something to say when the conversation turns to lotteries! 1. Dreams can… Read more

5 Reasons Why Women tend to be Better Lotto Players

women better lotto players

Top 5 Reasons Women Better Lotto Players If, like us, you have worked in the lotto industry for a number of years, you’re likely to have noticed a curious phenomenon: Top 5 Reasons Women Better Lotto Players than men! Of course every man and woman is different. Some women are awful at playing lotto and certain men have a real… Read more

VIDEO: This Spanish Lottery Ad Will Melt Your Heart

Spanish Lottery Ad

Pixar style animation Spanish lottery tv ad Pixar style animation Spanish lottery tv ad – One of the remarkable things about lotteries is their power to bring people together. Whether that’s through millions of players switching on their TVs for the shared ritual of watching a draw, or through their power to unite thousands of online users in the hope… Read more

Top 10 Richest Fictional Characters

richest fictional characters

There are three ways you become rich in this world. You either slog your way up the career ladder, kissing rears and putting in overtime; throw caution to the wind, relying on your innate luck to win the lottery; or be born as a fictional entity. As you might imagine, the third route to richness is one of the least… Read more