The 10 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World

Best paying jobs in the world best paying jobs in the world – As any school drop-out, jaded college graduate or world weary fifty-something what they think of employment and you’ll probably get the same answer, and a rather negative answer at that! There are so many dull jobs out there, but not these! These are the best jobs in… Read more

Check out these Fun Lottery Facts

Millions of people around the world play lottery every single week, so it should come as no surprise that a wealth of fascinating and fun lottery facts have emerged as a result. Digest these bizarre and sublime pearls of truth and never again will you be stuck for something to say when the conversation turns to lotteries! 1. Dreams can… Read more

5 Reasons Why Women tend to be Better Lotto Players

women better lotto players

Top 5 Reasons Women Better Lotto Players If, like us, you have worked in the lotto industry for a number of years, you’re likely to have noticed a curious phenomenon: Top 5 Reasons Women Better Lotto Players than men! Of course every man and woman is different. Some women are awful at playing lotto and certain men have a real… Read more

VIDEO: This Spanish Lottery Ad Will Melt Your Heart

Spanish Lottery Ad

Pixar style animation Spanish lottery tv ad Pixar style animation Spanish lottery tv ad – One of the remarkable things about lotteries is their power to bring people together. Whether that’s through millions of players switching on their TVs for the shared ritual of watching a draw, or through their power to unite thousands of online users in the hope… Read more

Top 10 Richest Fictional Characters

richest fictional characters

There are three ways you become rich in this world. You either slog your way up the career ladder, kissing rears and putting in overtime; throw caution to the wind, relying on your innate luck to win the lottery; or be born as a fictional entity. As you might imagine, the third route to richness is one of the least… Read more

Check out these fascinating lottery statistics

fascinating lottery statistics

Lottery statistics and insights will help you win th jackpot lottery statistics – Billions of euros in prize money, millions of players and thousands of draws around the globe. Playeurolotto does the hard job for you once again. All the year lottery figures are broken down here. This lot of fascinating lottery statistics will hopefully help you. Here are some… Read more

How Your Star Sign Affects Lottery Game

How Your Star Sign Affects Lottery Game

Star Sign Affects Lottery Game We’re all familiar with the idea of the planets influencing our fates, and even our personality trait. Did you ever wonder what would cosmic influence mean in the context of how you play lotto? How do Star Sign Affects Lottery Game. Whether you’re a steadfast Taurus or a philosophical Pisces, your lottery fate could be… Read more

The Lottery In Television & Film: Memorable Moments

Lottery In Television

Lottery | Movies | TV The lottery is one of the most fun, fantastic events that takes place in our funny little world, and as such, rather unsurprisingly, draws, tickets and jackpots are the focus of all manner of television and film plots (Lottery Movies TV). Whilst we’re sure you’ll already have had a couple of examples spring to mind,… Read more

Which lottery is the best for me?

Which lottery is the best

Back in the days before online lotteries, players were highly restricted with regards to the range of large-scale lottery games they could enter, with 2 or 3 televised national games to choose between at best. Time change…Now you can take part in all world’s greatest lottery online  The world’s greatest lottery online are all on PlayEuroLotto Thankfully, the online lottery… Read more

9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know Concerning Money

Facts You Didn't Know Concerning Money

For thousands of years civilisation has used money to facilitate the buying of goods and services, to help the paying of wages and taxes, and to give people an easy way of randomly choosing outcomes on the go! We all love to see a bit of the stuff find its way into our lives, but money is much more than… Read more