This Guy Found His Winning Ticket Just in Time!

Where did you keep your paper lottery tickets before you started playing online with PlayEuroLotto? In your wallet? Above the fireplace? In your bra!? We weren’t being weird when we made that last suggestion – lots of people do it! We guarantee that after you’ve read this cautionary tale of a lottery player who found his winning ticket just in… Read more

These People All Predicted Their Lotto Wins in Dreams

Now we all know there are lots of different ways to pick your lottery numbers, from trusting a lucky dip to using special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. But of all the many ways to choose your lottery numbers, by far the most interesting (and perhaps the most successful) is to take inspiration from dreams and premonitions. The lottery players… Read more

Buy Lottery Tickets Instead of these 5 Pointless Purchases!

When you buy lottery tickets you’re buying a fun experience, a social event, and a chance to dream – so why shouldn’t lotto be at the top of your shopping list? There are certainly far worse things to prioritise, as one player from Saskatoon, Canada, has discovered to his spectacular benefit… Curtis Mooney’s life changed forever on December 30th 2016,… Read more

Lottery Winner Travel Destinations for Spring 2017

Spring is in the air, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to count down the best lottery winner travel destinations of the season. Now sit back, relax and surrender to some glorious springtime daydreams! Barcelona, Spain There’s nowhere quite like Barcelona in the springtime. With temperatures hovering around the high teens or low twenties (Celsius), this is the… Read more

Meet The Statistics Teacher who won $100.000!

won $100.000

When it comes to winning a lottery jackpot, anybody can beat the odds – but not many big winners *know* the odds too. However, this certainly cannot be said of Nicholas Kapoor. A statistics teacher by trade, Kapoor, of Connecticut Fairfield University, nailed a 1 in 913.129 chance and won $100.000 in a Powerball lottery draw last November. Remarkably, Kapoor… Read more

Most Romantic Lottery Winners’ Gifts

What did you guys get for Valentine’s Day? We’ve put together this selection of the most romantic lottery winners’ gifts of all time – guaranteed to make you jealous. We’d be pretty pleased with our partners if they bought us anything like this on Valentine’s Day. Boats and boob jobs The UK National Lottery has made around 4000 people millionaires… Read more

The World’s Most Extravagant Lottery Winners

Most extravagant lottery winners

Kind, crazy, worthy, plain, generous or completely undeserving – lottery winners are just as diverse as humankind itself. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the most extravagant lottery winners on record, because we think that the people who spend freely when they hit the jackpot are worth celebrating! We don’t know about you guys, but if we won… Read more

Lucky Irish Lotto Player Finds €117,023 Ticket in her Car!

Irish lotto player

We’ve just uncovered some great news from Dublin, Ireland, where one incredibly lucky Irish Lotto player has uncovered a lost lotto ticket worth €117,023 whilst cleaning her car. The winning player, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased her winning ticket from a shop in the north of Dublin, before leaving it unattended between the seats of her car. Here’s… Read more

The Most Deserving Lottery Winners: When Good Karma Strikes!

lottery winners

There are loads of ways to boost your chances of winning a lottery jackpot during your lifetime, but there’s no escaping the fact that you also need good luck to be on your side to win… or is that good karma? Given that all of the incredibly good people featured in this article won big, we certainly think it could… Read more

Five EuroJackpot Winners Claim Record Jackpot!

The EuroJackpot lottery has just enjoyed the most incredible night in its history! An unprecedented FIVE EuroJackpot winners all hit the jackpot in last Friday’s (06/01/17) € 90 million draw, which equalled the record for the largest jackpot ever won in this particular lottery. The winning numbers The winning numbers in the historic draw were as follows: 7, 14, 23,… Read more