Top 5 Biggest Lottery Winners in the World (2016)

Biggest Lottery jackpots of 2016

Lottery millionaires may be more common than you think – hundreds are created by lottery draws all over the world, every single year. Every lottery jackpot winner gets filthy stinking rich, but only a handful can lay claim to wealth on a similar level to the businesspeople and royals who occupy the upper end of the global rich list. Here… Read more

Top 5 Greatest Lottery Winner Quotes

Greatest Lottery Winner Quotes

We have plenty of handy advice to give you on how to win a lottery jackpot – but nobody’s words could be more precious than the words of the people who have actually made it. Listen close and absorb the wisdom, as we count down our top 5 greatest lottery winner quotes… 5. Roy Pittman – $2 million Illinois Lottery… Read more

How far would you go to keep your lottery winnings safe?

We need to tell you about a fantastic trend sweeping across China, where big jackpot winners are dressing up in hilarious costumes to keep their lottery winnings safe! The idea simple: if nobody can identify you, nobody is going to bug you for money or try to steal from you after your win. Here are a few of our favourite… Read more

10 Ways to Identify a Millionaire Lottery Winner

lottery fun

Did you ever take a moment to consider the fact that some of the people you meet could be mega-rich lotto champs? You might even have walked past one the last time you left the house – but how would you know? These 10 ways to identify a millionaire lottery winner will help you to pick them out from the… Read more

The 7 Best Things Money Can Buy

best things money can buy

What’s the best thing that money can buy? Your answer could be just about anything, from a big ideal like free time, flexibility or peace of mind to more tangible things like travel, fast cars or a personal chef service. What would you choose to buy if money were no object? Here’s a little daydream fuel: the 7 best things… Read more

This is the home you can buy with a third of a $1.8 Billion Powerball jackpot

powerball jackpot winners

The world turned upside down for the Robinson family this January, when every single one of their numbers was called in the biggest lottery draw of all time. The Robinsons had won a third of a $ 1.8 billion Powerball jackpot, equating to the incredible sum of $600 million dollars. In the immediate aftermath of their life-changing win, the Robinsons… Read more

Top 10 Lottery Daydreams Pretty Much All Of Us Have Had

Imagine winning a jackpot worth millions. What would you do? These are our top 10 lottery daydreams – here’s hoping that one day they’ll come true! 10) Quitting your job If you’re unlucky enough to be in a job that’s not exactly everything you deserve, we’re pretty confident you’ll be all too familiar with this particular daydream! 9) Rubbing it… Read more

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories – Joining a lottery syndicate will never fail to boost your chances of winning a major prize. So as long as you’re happy to settle for less than a full jackpot total. Each member buys a share in every ticket bought by the syndicate instead of buying a full individual ticket. By multiplying their chances of… Read more

The 5 worst things you can do after winning the lottery

worst things you can do after winning the lottery

Top 5 worst things done when winning lottery We have all imagined seeing our lottery numbers getting drawn, or daydreamed about how we’d lavish a lottery win on ourselves or others. What we don’t think about is the things that can so easily go wrong after a jackpot win. These are the Top 5 worst things done when winning lottery… Read more

Lottery Stories You Won’t Believe!

Unbelievable Lottery Tales Millions and millions of us play the lottery every single week. That’s a whole lot of hopes, dreams and unbelievable Lottery Tales.  Thanks to this one remarkable game. Small wonder then, that some of the most intriguing, inspiring and downright weird tales of our times have involved lotto – here are a few of our very favourites:… Read more