How To Make Playing Lotto Even More Fun

playing lotto even more fun

Playing Lotto Fun Playing Lotto Fun – Lottery isn’t a dull game, by any measure. The frenzied movement of the balls within the lottery machine, the bright lights and pumping music accompanying the draw; if anything, the calling of lottery numbers could be interpreted as quite a bewildering affair! Some people are picky, however. Insatiable when it comes to entertainment,… Read more

How To Win The Lottery? Here Are Our Top Tips!

how to win the lottery

How to win the lottery ? The 1 biliion dollar question: how to win the lottery? Plaguing minds for centuries. How best can I go about winning the lottery? From Venetian merchants to today’s online lotto players, the question has been asked again and again, yet the answer has never been readily available. Despite the fact that the lottery is… Read more

Choosing Your Numbers: Beyond Birthdays

Choosing your Numbers

After a while, choosing lottery numbers based on the birthdays of your friends and family can become excruciatingly boring (especially when those numbers don’t seem to be bringing you much luck). Here are a few slightly more interesting ways in which you could pick your numbers for the next lottery play you make: Random number generator Okay, so buying a… Read more