Choosing Your Numbers: Beyond Birthdays

Choosing your Numbers

After a while, choosing lottery numbers based on the birthdays of your friends and family can become excruciatingly boring (especially when those numbers don’t seem to be bringing you much luck). Here are a few slightly more interesting ways in which you could pick your numbers for the next lottery play you make:

Random number generator

Okay, so buying a ‘lucky dip’ or equivalent ticket is doing a similar thing in effect, but it’s far funner and more interesting to generate your own numbers randomly, one by one. Check out a random number generator site like this one, fill in the minimum and maximum number (which will depend on the lottery you’re playing) and click ‘generate’ – within milliseconds fate has handed you one of your hopefully-winning numbers!

The favourite band song plays method

Most of us have a favourite band or musician, and most of us listen to that artist using a program like iTunes or; programs which often record the number of times you’ve played a song and list the number of plays next to the song in the library. This can actually open up a pretty interesting and entirely different way of picking your lottery numbers.

If your music library does indeed list plays alongside song names, then check out your favourite artist’s play count. Pick the six (or however many numbers you have to pick) most played songs (whose play counts lie within the appropriate range e.g. 1-50 in EuroMillions) or perhaps your six favourite songs by that artist and use those play counts as your lottery numbers. Your lottery line now has a soundtrack!

Look around you

Just take a look around you. The world is completely MADE of numbers, from serial numbers on electronic devices to the number of branches on the tree outside your window. Try picking out your lottery numbers from the things that surround you. You could become a millionaire purely because of the way your room is laid out!

Without realising it, many of us actually subconsciously pick numbers in this way anyway!

Death ages of historical figures

This is a rather morbid one especially for history buffs… Go back a few hundred years and more or less everyone was kicking the bucket within an age range that would fit nicely on most of the world’s lottery tickets. Choose the death ages of your favourite historical figures, whether that’s Richard III (33) or, if you should so happen to be playing the Italian 1-75 SuperEnalotto, Amerigo Verspucci (58).

These are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. There are countless ways to think up your lottery numbers – by being as imaginative as possible when you’re dreaming these methods up, you can add fun, variety and interest to your lottery gaming!