Lotto’s Most Famous: Jackpot Winners Who Became Celebrities

Most of us find wealth fascinating, so it should come as no surprise that lottery winners commonly become famous after their jackpot wins. Some players prefer to stay anonymous, like these Chinese jackpot winners who cosplay to protect their identities – but others are more than happy to hit the red carpet after they win. Meet lotto’s most famous: jackpot winners from around the world who became bona fide celebrities.

Jane Park – Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner

You can’t open a newspaper in the UK right now without reading something about this lady. Jane Park became Britain’s youngest ever EuroMillions winner when she bagged a £1 million UK Millionaire Maker prize back in 2013, aged just 17. The winning ticket was the first Park had ever purchased.

Ever since that fateful win, Park has courted fame by leading a flashy lifestyle in the public eye. Her earliest expenditures with the lotto winnings included a £4,500 boob job, £5,000 on holidays and an £18,000 Range Rover.

Source: The Mirror

But the young millionaire really hit the headlines earlier this year, when it was revealed she had started dating former X Factor winner Sam Callaghan. An inside source told The Sun newspaper:

“Jane instantly caught Sam’s eye on Twitter and after liking a ton of each other’s pictures they began messaging.

“They’ve made no secret of how attracted they are to each other and have been on a couple of dates already.

“It’s very early days yet but there’s a real connection between them.”

Unfortunately for Park, Callaghan was seen kissing another woman soon after the pair got together. Park is now reportedly being eyed up as a potential contestant for an upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, and her celebrity only looks set to grow.

Rustem Mukhametzyanov – “Russia’s Slumdog Millionaire”

Unemployed plumber Rustem Mukhametzyanov shot to fame back in the early 2000s, when he became the winner of Russia’s first ever lottery jackpot in excess of $1 million. Mukhametzyanov’s overnight journey from struggling to afford a loaf of bread to winning a considerable fortune led the Russian media to nickname him Russia’s “Slumdog Millionaire” – a reference to Danny Boyle’s film of the same name.

Source: Daily Mail

Sadly, it seems as if most of the lottery winners who appear in the news headlines get famous for the wrong reasons. Such has been the case with Mr Mukhametzyanov and his family, who have allegedly frittered away much of their fortune on vodka and cigarettes.

Adrian & Gillian Bayford – the biggest EuroMillions winners ever

Adrian and Gillian Bayford hit the news headlines all over Europe after they won an astonishing EuroMillions prize worth € 190 million (that’s the joint highest EuroMillions payout of all-time, with bigger wins currently prohibited by the game’s rules).

It would be fair to say that news coverage of the Bayfords has been… mixed… since their big win. First came the celebrations as the Bayford’s bought themselves a stunning country home – but within just a few years the couple had decided to divorce, and the two have since become embroiled in a whole host of family issues. Especially widely reported was Adrian Bayford’s short-lived engagement to Sam Burbidge, a stable girl aged 29 who was 17 years Bayford’s junior. Burbidge ditched Bayford – but she took the expensive racehorses he bought for her along with her!

Source: BBC

In recent months there has been some more positive news for Adrian Bayford – as reported on the PlayEuroLotto blog, the record jackpot winner is planning to hold a rock festival in the grounds of his mansion.

Bob Erb – the weed-loving lotto winner from British Columbia

We’ve always said one of the best things about winning a lottery jackpot would be the power it brings to fight for a cause you passionately believe in. For 60-year-old Bob Erb, that cause was marijuana legalisation.

Erb won a massive jackpot worth $25-million back in November ’12. Since then, the veteran lottery winner has ploughed much of his time, effort and money into fighting for the right to smoke his favourite ‘erb.

The lucky winner told CTV British Columbia: “The biggest social injustice I’ve seen in all my entire lifetime is the criminalization and prohibition of marijuana.” Since his big win, the cannabis-crazed Canadian has ploughed his lotto funds into setting up campaigns to attract publicity around the cause he holds so dear.

Here’s an interview with the man himself, filmed shortly after his Lotto Max jackpot win:

So there you have it: a lotto win can help you fund just about any project your heart desires! Whether or not you agree with Bob, it’s impossible to deny the transformative possibilities of a lotto jackpot. The Canadian government is now seriously discussing legalising cannabis, so it looks like Mr Erb’s money may have been effectively spent!

Image source: Mirror