Meet The Statistics Teacher who won $100.000!

won $100.000

When it comes to winning a lottery jackpot, anybody can beat the odds – but not many big winners *know* the odds too. However, this certainly cannot be said of Nicholas Kapoor. A statistics teacher by trade, Kapoor, of Connecticut Fairfield University, nailed a 1 in 913.129 chance and won $100.000 in a Powerball lottery draw last November.

Remarkably, Kapoor had just been teaching one of his classes about probability when he discovered he was a big winner.

The lecturer told New York’s ABC7 News: “Somebody can beat the odds, especially when teaching about them. The professor side of me sticks to the numbers—but the winner in me says, it’s luck.”

This tremendously lucky probability expert had always trusted in his chance of winning big, but as he revealed to ABC7 News, one of his senior colleagues hadn’t always agreed with his optimistic approach to lotteries:

“He’d always show us that you shouldn’t play the lottery because the odds of winning are so small. My counterargument was always, ‘Yeah, but somebody has to win.’

“And he would say, ‘Yeah, but that’s not going to be you’.”

It appears that in this particular Powerball draw, optimism has triumphed!

Kapoor’s six-figure success carries an important lesson for every lotto player: it may be difficult to win, but you have to put yourself into the draw and battle the odds to stand even the slightest chance of taking home a prize. The $100.000 winner had this message for his fellow players:

“My tip is you’ve got to play to win and somebody has to win so why not you? And my tip would be, play the lottery because your lottery supports your state.”

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Image source: Connecticut Post