Most Romantic Lottery Winners’ Gifts

What did you guys get for Valentine’s Day? We’ve put together this selection of the most romantic lottery winners’ gifts of all time – guaranteed to make you jealous. We’d be pretty pleased with our partners if they bought us anything like this on Valentine’s Day.

Boats and boob jobs

The UK National Lottery has made around 4000 people millionaires since it launched in the mid-nineties. A few years back the draw’s organisers decided to interview some of their lucky jackpot winners to discover the best gifts they had bought for loved ones – and some of the responses they received were spectacular. Check out the video here:

Houses, boats, a boob job and £100,000 (approx. €118.000)! We don’t know about you guys, but we’d love to be friends with lottery winners like these.

Gift Cards for the Homeless

Okay, this one isn’t strictly romantic, but it certainly is heart-warming!

Derek Maboussou, of Nebraska, US, was one of the eight co-workers who split a massive €345 million Powerball jackpot back in 2006. In December 2016 it emerged that for the last 7 Christmases, Maboussou has been donating gift cards to a local homeless shelter, as away to share out his immense good fortune with others. In 2016, he donated a total of $25,000, which made it possible to provide $45 gift cards to over 550 people.

Local news channel KETV Omaha spoke to some of the recipients of Maboussou’s gifts:

“I got headphones as well. It’s nice to have music. It keeps your spirit kind of channeled,” said Zach Maharaj, a gift card recipient.

“(I bought) some soda and I’m about to buy me some snacks, and probably save $5 for one of my friends for his Christmas,” said Calvin Phillips, another gift card recipient.”

A troop of horses

For many people growing up, a horse would surely be the ultimate dream gift. UK lottery winner Adrian Bayford, recently divorced from ex-wife Gillian, wooed his new beloved, a stable girl, with the gift of a troop of beautiful horses, with a combined value of approximately €353.000. Pretty good, as gifts go!

Unfortunately for Bayford, his spectacular gift backfired horribly when his stable girl lover decided to break up with him, and then sold her prize horses! Still, a great effort on the present-buying front, Adrian.

It just goes to show – whether you want to wow a partner with an extravagant gift, give a friend a helping hand, or even make a difference to the lives of total strangers, a lottery jackpot can give you the power to do it.