The Science of Luck: Can we Influence the Odds?

the science of luck

Over a period of centuries, academics, philosophers and lottery aficionados have all quested to unlock the secrets to the science of luck. Can one person be luckier than the next? Is luck a factor in lottery draws? And on a more fundamental level, does luck even exist? The theories described in this article go some way towards explaining these and other questions surrounding this fascinating topic. With a bit of luck, they could help you improve your lottery game ;):

Positive mental attitude is the cornerstone of good luck

We all know people who seem to be blessed with extremely good fortune in life. Maybe they win competitions on a weirdly regular basis, maybe they have a beautiful home, or maybe they always seem to get the best breaks at work. What makes them so lucky? According to a wide spectrum of experts, the secret to their success could be positive mental attitude.

Go-getters who are unafraid to try new things and take their opportunities will naturally increase the odds on positive events taking place in their own lives. This formula certainly applies to lottery players, as the more tickets you go out and buy, the better your lifetime chance of a big win.

The influence of lucky charms

Having a lucky charm is proven to increase a person’s chance of success – but there’s no magic in the equation. People who keep hold of a lucky charm experience display an increased confidence in their ability to succeed, which leads to more focused and persistent application to the task in-hand. Lucky charms don’t magically create good luck, but they do help the owner to create their own.


The word serendipity was coined by the English author Horace Walpole in 1754. In a nutshell, it refers to situations in which the conditions required for a positive event to take place fall into alignment, purely by chance and against the odds.

Serendipitous events like lottery wins are often hard to believe in, but in actual fact the laws of chance dictate that they must always be happening somewhere in the world. Yes, winning a lottery jackpot is unlikely for any one player, but on a global scale it’s inevitable. There’s an inspirational lesson in the notion of serendipity for lottery players everywhere.

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