Syndicates: Fantastic Way To Improve Chances Of Winning


It’s no secret amongst lotto lovers who like to play it smart. Lotto syndicates betting are fantastic ways to improve your winning chances. Here at PlayEuroLotto we’ve developed a sensational set of syndicate combis over the years. These offer the very best of European and US lotto, all-wrapped up in three perfectly formed packages. Here is your key to a big win!

What are the difference with Lotto Syndicates ? What’s changing?

Did we mention our syndicate deals are about to become better than ever? One of the biggest stories in the international lottery industry in recent years has been the rise of EuroJackpot. The new multi-national lotto that’s fast catching up with the likes of EuroMillions and providing some of the world’s biggest cash prizes. We’ve updated our Euro Combi and VIP World Combi syndicate packages to add more EuroJackpot tickets into the mix. This is a smart move as EuroJackpot doesn’t just offer big money; it offers an unusually high chance of winning a major prize too.

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How do syndicates work and what are the benefits of joining?

When a group of players choose to bet as a syndicate, they each buy a certain amount of tickets, each of which features a different number combination. If any of the tickets win a prize in the draw, the prize money is shared out equally between the players in the syndicate.

One out of every four UK National Lottery jackpot prizes paid out is won by a syndicate, and the pattern is repeated across the globe. If you’ve never bought a stake in a lotto syndicate, you’re missing out; you might not get the full prize if the syndicate wins the jackpot, but you do have a massively increased chance of winning a life-changing sum of money!

Syndicates on PlayEuroLotto

Here at PlayEuroLotto we’re proud to offer three excellent syndicate combis covering the biggest and best lottos in the world. It’s incredibly easy to play. Kindly follow the instructions in this video, or click one of the links below to find out more about our different Lotto Syndicates and combis:

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