This Guy Found His Winning Ticket Just in Time!

Where did you keep your paper lottery tickets before you started playing online with PlayEuroLotto? In your wallet? Above the fireplace? In your bra!? We weren’t being weird when we made that last suggestion – lots of people do it! We guarantee that after you’ve read this cautionary tale of a lottery player who found his winning ticket just in the nick of time, you’ll start paying much closer attention to where you’re keeping those precious big-money tickets.

Winning tickets for the US lottery MegaMillions can be cashed in up to one year after the relevant draw is held – but that didn’t stop one player from the US state of Oregon from nearly missing the deadline to claim his prize money.

In January 2016, Joemel Panisa, scored a MegaMillions lottery win worth $1 million. The only problem was that he didn’t realise his ticket had won the prize! He was the rightful winner of a million-dollar fortune, and he just didn’t know it.

Over the next eleven months, Panisa got on with his day-to-day life without sparing a thought for that lottery draw from January 2016. Thankfully, that all changed one fateful day this January when Panisa made the momentous decision to clean his office!

During this routine tidying session, Panisa stumbled upon his old ticket from the long-past draw – over 45 other MegaMillions draws had taken place in the meantime. He decided on a whim to check his numbers against the results from the draw and was amazed to discover he was a $1 million winner.

The lucky find came just in-time, as Panisa finally managed to claim his prize just eight days before the one-year deadline arrived. The extra-lucky winner finally got the prize he deserved for guessing every number except the Mega Ball correctly.

Another beneficiary of Panisa’s last-minute discovery was the US Market 104 store in Newport, Oregon – the shop where he bought the winning ticket. In the MegaMillions lottery, stores can receive a 1% selling bonus for the tickets they sell. As such, US Market 104 took awayan amazing windfall of $10,000 – not a bad mark-up on a lottery ticket.

The store’s owner, Octavio Tamayo, told the Oregon Lottery: “My staff is going to be wondering who bought the ticket now. Hopefully they come back in and let us know.”

It doesn’t always end this way…

Of course, lottery blogs like ours are always quick to report the good news about lottery winners miraculously finding their lost winning tickets – after all, we want to give you something to smile about.

But the sad fact is that a high percentage of lost lottery tickets are never found, and lots of people who should be jackpot winners end up with nothing. According to the Oregon Lottery – who run the MegaMillions lottery in Joemal Panisa’s home state – an astonishing $5.9 million of Oregon lottery prize money went unclaimed in 2015 alone. This is just a small slice of the global picture – players everywhere are throwing away their lotto wins by losing their lucky tickets!

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Here are PlayEuroLotto, we say a massive “No!” to paper lottery tickets, for a whole bunch of reasons. Paper tickets are inefficient, they cost the environment, and as many ill-fated lottery players have learned, they cost jackpot winners around the world millions of euros in lost prize money every single week. You would never find a tiny slip of paper worth such an enormous amount of money in any other context.

We understand that some of you still like to be able to keep a hard copy of your lottery tickets, which is why we make our e-tickets printable – but apart from that, our lottery tickets are entirely digital. When you win a prize with us, there’s never any chance of you losing out on the money you deserve, because your winning ticket will be stored securely in a digital form. It’s really quite simple:

  1. You buy your ticket
  2. We send you an email ticket confirmation and enter your bet into the draw
  3. If you win, we’ll send you an email confirmation straight away and start processing your prize money payout

If Joemal Panisa had been playing MegaMillions with us last January, he would have been notified of his win immediately, and his million dollar prize would never have been at risk. When our players win big, they’re never going to miss out on the prize.

Where’s the funniest place you ever kept an old paper lottery ticket? Let us know in the comments section!

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