This is the home you can buy with a third of a $1.8 Billion Powerball jackpot

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The world turned upside down for the Robinson family this January, when every single one of their numbers was called in the biggest lottery draw of all time. The Robinsons had won a third of a $ 1.8 billion Powerball jackpot, equating to the incredible sum of $600 million dollars.

In the immediate aftermath of their life-changing win, the Robinsons insisted that they would be sticking to their small-town routes – the middle-class family claimed to be contented with their life in Munford, Tennessee, pop. 6,027…

What the Robinsons really did with their Powerball win…

When you join the ranks of the world’s biggest lottery winners, it’s you are pretty much duty-bound to live at least a little bit decadently. Thankfully, it seems that the Robinsons only took a few months to come to this realisation, and their purchase of the staggeringly impressive property pictured above is the proof.

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This luxury bedroom has a roaring hearth all of its own

This luxury bedroom has a roaring hearth all of its own

The Robinsons moved into this gorgeous lakeside home in summer 2016. It boasts 10-bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a movie theatre, wooden jetties complete with stunning dining furniture, and 320 acres of land in the gorgeous Tennessee countryside. It also features a private lake! Considering its $6.2 million price tag, purchasing the luxury mansion will have made a dent of just over 1% in the Robinsons’ vast Powerball winnings.


How did the $1.8 billion Powerball jackpot reach such a high level?

Powerball jackpots on the scale of this January’s world record prize could soon become a regular occurrence in some of the world’s leading lotteries.

Powerball is making dreams come true on a whole new scale

Powerball is making dreams come true on a whole new scale

Billion dollar/billion euro prizes are a totally new occurrence outside of group lottery games like Spain’s annual Christmas Lottery. Powerball’s break-through was made possible by an innovative set of rule changes enacted in October 2015, which were designed to ensure that super-high jackpot levels and minor prize wins will happen considerably more often in Powerball.


We think Powerball’s organisers have got this just right – they’ve found a combination that gives more winnings to the average player, and provides more inspiring jackpots for everyone to daydream about. Thanks to Powerball, winners like the Robinsons can buy a house like this and still have as much as $593 million left over in the bank!



Image source: Fox13, Dailymail