10 More Fun Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

We’ve always loved dreaming up crazy ways to pick lottery numbers. It’s fun, it’s creative, and what’s more, it sometimes helps people to win the jackpot! Try these 10 wacky number selection strategies for some of the funniest lotto experiences of your life.

Dice twice

Rolling a dice twice is a perfect way to pick your numbers if you’re entering a lottery that uses a wide numerical range, such as MegaMillions.

Use the first roll to determine the first digit of each number; then use the second roll to work out the second. For example:

First roll 5 + Second roll 2 = 52

Repeat this process as many times as required to get a full set of numbers. To add a low number to your line, just add the numbers from two rolls together instead of putting them next to each other.

You may have noticed that this tactic rules out certain numbers (those ending in a 7, 8 or 9). That may be off-putting for some players, but it’s worth bearing in mind that whichever numbers you roll will be just as likely to win.

Throwing darts

Close your eyes and throw darts at a dartboard to pick your numbers. Please, please, please just make sure everyone in the house knows you’re doing this and that there’s no-one in the way when you throw! Getting hit in the head by a flying dart is one lottery your friends and family do not want to win.

Repetitive songs

Did you know that Justin Bieber sings the word ‘baby’ 56 times in his song of the same name?

Repetitive songs are a goldmine for picking higher-end lottery numbers, from “Girl” and “Yeah” to “Valerie” and “Roxanne”. Choose your favourites and add the amount of times the most frequently sung word gets repeated to your lottery line.

Pick out your best weeks

Given the fact there are 52 weeks in the year, going through the calendar looking for lucky week numbers is an ideal solution for making selections that fit well with most lottery number ranges. Choosing week numbers is better than using dates of the month in this respect, as it gives a fuller spread of numbers.

Take a look through your diary from last year and pick out the weeks when the best things happened to you. Maybe you got a new job, met someone special, or simply ate a really damn good pizza. When you’ve chosen your favourites, you’ll have yourself a lottery ticket that reminds you of all your favourite recent memories!

Are you seated fortunately?

There are all sorts of everyday situations where you can find lucky numbers to add to your lotto lines.

If you like going to the movies or the theatre, why not make a note of your seat numbers over time? There should be plenty of seats in most venues to create a wide enough range.

Not into watching films and shows? Then how about your order number at a restaurant, the licence plate number of the car in front of you, or even your number in line at the doctors? There are numbers all around you on a daily basis, so if you’re ever in need of inspiration just open your eyes and look carefully!

Ages of favourite celebrities

Celebrities should surely be emblems of good fortune. They’re usually lucky people, after all.

With this in mind, why not use your favourite A-listers’ ages to put together your lotto lines? Remember to include a child star to ensure a diverse range of numbers!

Exercise your way to lotto success

How many reps of each gym exercise can you do? Work your way through a series of exercises such as sit ups, press ups and bench presses doing as many repetitions as you can, making a note of the numbers that could fit into your lottery line as you go along. This is a great way to stay motivated while you work out – eyes on the prize!

Recreate the draw

How better to predict what’s going to happen in a lottery draw than by playacting the very same draw in your own home, before it happens?

Simply make a little card token for every number in the draw, put your numbered tokens in a bag and draw them out to choose your “winning” numbers. You can make this one fun for all the family by including little prizes for every correct number.

Turn your favourite word into numbers

Words are full of numbers, if you look at them the right way! Choose one of your favourite words with 5, 6 or 7 different letters in it (depending on which lottery you’re playing), and match each letter to a number, based on its position in the alphabet.

For example:

Z – 26
E – 5
B – 2
R – 18
A – 1
S – 19

This approach will give you a number range between 1-26 only, so you may want to try something like doubling the value of the vowels to give yourself an appropriate range for most lottery draws.

Facebook likes

Can’t choose your lottery numbers? Then let Zuckerberg pick them for you! Go through your latest Facebook posts and use the amount of likes each they got as your lottery numbers.