187 Million Euromillions Jackpot Went To Belgium And Ireland

The 187 million Euromillions jackpot from last Tuesday, 06.25.2013 went to Belgium and Ireland. Each of the two lucky winners got almost 94 million euros. Whether it was a single tip or a lottery syndicate – we dont know.

What we know is that these jackpots are ideal to participate in a lotery community as the chances increase rapidly by the high amount of lottery bets. Add in the case of a win the sharing with the other players of your syndicate doesnt hurt that much.

But even this Friday, 28.06.2013 – when there is “only” 15 million Euros in the Euromillions jackpot it makes absolutely sense to join a lottery community. The biggest advantage is that you will never miss a draw and never miss a jackpot. Additionaly you dont have the effort to fill out your lottery ticket for each draw – so give it a draw and join one of our communities.