20-Year-Old Wins $451 Million and Quits His Job

A 20-year-old American lottery player has just won the 11th biggest draw in mainstream lottery history. Shane Missler hit the jackpot by matching all five numbers plus the Mega Ball in the $451 Million MegaMillions draw on January 5th.

The lucky winner claimed his cash within roughly twelve hours of finding out he had won. He chose to claim the money straightaway as a $281,874,999 lump sum, rather than getting the full amount over a series of annual payments. One of his first acts after winning was to “retire” from his job at a local background check company.

The facts behind Shane Missler’s amazing jackpot win

Missler’s mammoth jackpot goes down as the fourth-largest prize paid out MegaMillions’ fifteen-year history to-date. It’s the latest in a series of major wins seen in the game since the 2017 MegaMillions Rule Changes kicked in last November.

The lucky numbers that won Missler the jackpot were as follows:

28, 30, 39, 59, 70 and the Mega Ball 10.

Shane Missler, pictured with his sister at a Boston Celtics match:

Source: BBC


The winning ticket was bought at a 7Eleven store in Pasco County, Tampa, Florida. As per MegaMillions tradition, the owners of the store that sold the winning ticket are also getting a big prize: $100,000 to be exact. That’s a pretty tidy profit on the sale of a single lottery ticket!

Interestingly, Missler won with a Quick Pick ticket (filled with randomly generated numbers). If he had won with a set of numbers he chose himself, he would have been likelier to share the prize with another player, therefore winning less.

Random numbers are likelier to produce bigger wins than numbers chosen by humans, and Missler is evidence of this effect in-action!

You can choose random numbers for your PlayEuroLotto bets by clicking the ‘Randomise line’ button at the bottom left of the number cards on our lottery pages.

The personal story of Shane Missler’s $451 million win

Shane Missler’s brother must have wondered what was up when his phone rang in the early hours of January 6th. He was about to become the first person to hear about Shane’s life-transforming win.

Not too much later, when the new day had dawned, Missler shared the good news with his father over coffee. Under the circumstances, we think caffeine was a bold choice! Then again, Missler is too young to celebrate with a glass of champagne in his native United States.

He told the Tampa Bay Times: “If there is one thing I have learned thus far in my short time on this earth it is that those who maintain a positive mind-set and stay true to themselves get rewarded.

“I look forward to the future.”

“The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated!”

This quote is what Missler wrote on his Facebook page last Thursday, soon after his big win. We think it is a crucial message for lottery players to take to heart. You have to be positive, stay hopeful and keep on trying if you’re going to give yourself the best chance of winning!

Missler’s good-natured positivity and hope-filled demeanour – typified by the tweet above – have won him thousands of fans since his jackpot win.

This seems to be a lottery winner we can feel genuinely happy for, and the early indications are that he’s going to use his winnings wisely. The young Floridan told reporters that he plans to put the prizemoney into a trust, which will support him and his family whilst he figures out the masterplan for his newfound fortune.

“Although I’m young, I’ve had a crash course this week in financial management and I feel so fortunate to have this incredible wealth and team behind me,” he said.

There are no specific indications of the things Missler will spend his fortune on so far, but he seems to have a good rough idea of his priorities. In a press release distributed following the win, Missler announced: “I’m only 20, but I hope to use [the money] to pursue a variety of passions, help my family and do some good for humanity.”

As we’ve seen before, lottery winners can change the world in lots of different ways. We’re excited to see where this likeable young winner’s journey takes him.