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Powerball rocketed to global fame in 2016, as the United States’ biggest lottery became a world record-breaker with a series of monster jackpots. This game is headline news, but it may still have some tricks hidden up its sleeve that you still haven’t heard about. We’ve compiled some fascinating, little-known facts about Powerball here in this article – read on to discover something new about the world’s richest lottery!

Powerball is more than just a world record breaker

We all know about how Powerball smashed the world record for the highest ever lottery jackpot, don’t we? Back in January 2016, America’s top lotto dished out an unbelievable top prize worth around € 1.4 BILLION to three winning ticket holders. This almost tripled the previous world record for the largest jackpot in a regular lottery draw!
Not only is Powerball world record breaker – it’s an all-time list dominator. At the time of writing, seven of the ten biggest lottery prizes ever won in a regular lottery can be attributed to Powerball (sister draw MegaMillions makes up the rest of the list). This just goes to show that Powerball’s record payout was no fluke!

Here are the stats on the top ten lottery jackpots of time, as of 11th January 2017:

Rank Jackpot (millions) Winners Per ticket Lottery Date
1 $1,586.4 3 $327.8 Powerball January 13, 2016
2 $656 3 $158 Mega Millions March 30, 2012
3 $648 2 $173.8 Mega Millions December 17, 2013
4 $590.5 1 $370.9 Powerball May 18, 2013
5 $587.5 2 $192.4 Powerball November 28, 2012
6 $564.1 3 $127.0 Powerball February 11, 2015
7 $536 1 $378.3 Mega Millions July 8, 2016
8 $487 1 $341.7 Powerball July 30, 2016
9 $448.4 3 $86.1 Powerball August 7, 2013
10 $429.6 1 $284.1 Powerball May 7, 2016

When the player wins, the seller wins!

A Powerball jackpot win isn’t just great news for the player who bought the winning ticket – it’s a major boost for the store that sold it too.

When a Powerball jackpot is won, the ticket vendor receives a $25.000 bonus. That’s the reason you’ll often see a photo of a smiling shopkeeper as well as a happy player when you read a news article about a Powerball win! This bonus doesn’t exist purely because of the Powerball lottery’s generosity; it’s a clever scheme designed to motivate sellers to do more to promote the game and sell more tickets.

Source: ABC7 News

Powerball has a weird link with fortune cookies

Do you pay attention to the little paper slips you find inside your fortune cookies? Because you really should…

In a regular Powerball draw only a handful of players will win a second tier prize – generally speaking it’s really quite hard to get that many numbers right! Bearing this in mind, it’s small wonder that the game’s organisers were left speechless when an incredible 110 players all scored a $100.000 or $500.000 win in the Powerball draw on March 31st 2005.

A lot of people suspected foul play, but the true reason behind the phenomenon was far more remarkable than that… Fortune cookie manufacturers often print lottery numbers on their fortunes, and it just so happened that in the lead-up to this one draw, a batch of thousands of fortunes had been printed with a line of lottery numbers that matched with all but one of the winning numbers from the draw. 110 players had followed the fortune’s advice, and as a result they all scored their big money match.

Some of the lucky fortune cookie winners won more than others because they used Powerplay – a special option which allows Powerball players to quintuple their winnings by adding an extra wager to their bet.

Powerball jackpots come in two different forms

When you’re giving away jackpot prizes of monumental proportions, it pays to offer winners the flexibility to claim their prize in a way that suits their own plans and needs.

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It’s for this reason that Powerball lets its jackpot winners claim their winnings in one of two very different ways: either as one lump sum or as a series of annual payments, called annuities. Many players favour the annuity option, which helps them to manage their winnings over time and carries the added bonus of paying out a higher sum of money in total. Of course, others are keen to get their hands on their lump sum prize as soon as they can!

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