The World’s 5 Best Lottery Commercials

The World’s Best Lottery Commercials

Leading lottery draws are amongst the biggest social events in world history, involving millions of players and spanning whole countries or continents. Lotteries are civilisation’s most extraordinary moments – so no wonder they can boast some pretty wild TV adverts. We’ve collected what we believe to be the world’s 5 best lottery commercials here for your viewing pleasure – together, they’re a celebration of all that’s great about lotto!

5. Powerball – Yeah, That Kind of Rich (2013)

We think this side-splittingly funny ad from US lottery Powerball is a work of bona fide comedic genius! If we were that kind of rich, we think we might find ourselves tempted to prank our mates on a similarly cosmic scale.

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4. El Gordo – Justino (2015)

We’ll never forget this heart-melting, Pixar-style animated ad for Spain’s Christmas Lottery 2015. The clip tells the story of a kind-spirited night-watchman, a bunch of mannequins and… well, we won’t spoil the rest. We can’t wait to see what the Spanish Christmas Lottery comes up with this year!

3. UK National Lottery = #PleaseNotThem James Blunt (2016)

It’s true that anyone could win a lottery jackpot – but how unfair would it be if that winner was James Blunt!?

2. New Zealand Powerball – Lotto Dog (2011)

Now here’s the lotto advertising industry’s answer to Homer’s Odyssey; a three-part epic centred around one plucky little mutt’s quest to return to his owner with a lost winning lottery ticket. Our canine hero traverses mountains, survives rolling seas and dodges fierce strays, only to be met with an even nastier surprise when he finally reaches his destination…

1. Norwegian Lotto – Over the Rainbow (2011)

This advert is a work of pure genius, combining the wit of Powerball’s Yeah, That Kind of Rich ad with the warmth of last year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery commercial. Watch the ad and we’re sure you’ll agree – the winner picks a very special way to use her lucky ticket!

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