5 Crazy Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

Choosing your lucky numbers can be one of the best parts of playing lottery, if you’re willing to think a little outside the box. We’ve compiled 5 of the craziest ways to pick your lottery numbers, here in this article for your consideration – hopefully they’ll get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to make picking lottery numbers almost as satisfying as winning world-leading lottery prizes!

Pick your numbers

Take inspiration from the world around you

Let’s start strong with a technique that’s actually worked and won a lottery jackpot in the past (we’ll move onto some quirkier ideas later)! A British lottery winner from the 1990s famously won a jackpot prize worth millions of euros by using numbers derived from car licence plates. The winner made a note of car registration numbers as he drove around his hometown, and compiled them to put together his lottery lines every week. Amazingly, the zany technique paid off with a jackpot win!

There’s something really appealing about the idea of finding your lottery numbers in the everyday world around you, on your way to work, or to college, or wherever it is you go. Try using the door numbers of your favourite businesses, or whichever numbers jump out at you as you go about your daily business. You’re quite literally letting the world pick your lottery numbers for you!

Use world history rather than personal dates

Dates are very widely used as lottery number inspiration by lottery players around the world – but for most of us, these numbers are generally restricted to birthdays, ages and anniversaries. There’s nothing wrong with that as such, but isn’t it a shame to ignore all the other dates that may have significance to us?

Take historic dates for example. Why not load your lottery ticket with royal coronation dates, the anniversaries of famous milestones in human history or the dates when your favourite sports teams won a major trophy? Surely these dates can be every bit as lucky as a family member’s birthday!

Take some musical inspiration

We think this one’s a particularly fun option, especially for players who love music just as much as lotteries!

Every week, music charts present us with interesting ranges of numbers that generally represent a mixture of things we love and things we like a little bit less (we’ll take Stevie Wonder at #25, but maybe we’ll give Justin Bieber at #1 a miss!)

Lottery-Winning Playlist

Find your national singles chart, check out the songs within the same numerical range that’s used in your chosen lottery, and use the chart positions of your favourite songs as your lottery numbers. Not only is this a great way to personalise your lottery line with the influence of your own music taste, it will also encourage you to listen to more new music, which can never be a bad thing! And if you hate pop, simply use the chart for classical, rock, indie, dance or whichever other genre it is that you’re into.

Get into the stats

For lottery players who prefer to keep things simple, we would whole-heartedly recommend diving deep into the statistics surrounding your lottery of choice, and the numbers which have historically been called out in its draws.

This method can hardly be described as thematically crazy, but you can certainly get crazily deep into the numbers by analysing how frequently each number has been drawn, when certain numbers are likely to be drawn, and so on.

We’re always sceptical about the idea of systems designed to ‘crack the code’ of a lottery, but it is worth considering the fact that several players who have won lotteries several times do seem to have figured out a method for winning that has eluded almost everyone else. Maybe it pays to get into the stats after all!

Just ask people!

The world would be a much better place if we all took a little more time just to talk to each other. By asking different people to suggest a number each for a lottery line, you can open up conversations with all sorts of people who could enrich your life in countless ways. Whether you ask a friend, a family member, a colleague or even a stranger in the street, you will always stand to deepen a connection by asking for this simple favour. Do be prepared to buy your human number generators a little present each if you just so happen to win a monster jackpot!

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