5 Most Beautiful Lottery Winners’ Homes

We all love to fantasise about what it would be like to win a lottery jackpot, but sometimes it can be hard to imagine what you would actually do with all that money. What exactly does the multi-millionaire lifestyle look like!? This guide to the most beautiful lottery winners’ homes will give you some idea of the luxury that’s on offer to the very lucky folk who win the biggest prizes. Read on to find out what kind of property a big win could buy you!

Nigel & Sharon Mather’s millionaire mansion

EuroMillions winners Nigel and Sharon Mather gave lotto daydreamers everywhere an absolute treat when they opened up their lotto mansion to a UK Lotto film crew. With an elegantly curving staircase, a grand piano and some tasteful chandelier choices in place, the Mather household is classy and cosy in equal measure. Oh, and check out the TV that pops out of the foot of the bed! All that luxury won’t come cheap, but given that the Mathers won a €14.500.000 EuroMillions jackpot back in 2010, we expect they can handle the expense.

We love some of the comments on this video on YouTube – “And who says money can’t buy you happiness?” says Ellis01234567890. “Adopt Me”, says I Madness I!

The Mathers are known in the UK for their willingness to help out with lotto-sponsored fundraising events. In short, this lottery mansion couldn’t have gone to a much nicer couple!

Powerball winner’s Florida home

What lotto fan could possibly forget Gloria McKenzie? This jammy octogenarian became the biggest individual lottery prize winner in history when she won a $590.5 million Powerball jackpot in May 2013, at the age of 84.

Source: Dailymail

Around $1.2 million of the lucky lady’s jackpot was quickly spent on this beautiful new home – a 6.322 square foot seaside mansion in Jacksonville, Florida. The luxury home boasts five bedrooms and access to exclusive community facilities including a library, a golf course, a movie theatre and a lake.

Gloria clearly knew exactly the kind of life she wanted to start living after learning of her historic win – even before she had claimed her prize, she ditched her old home and temporarily moved into a luxury hotel. We like her style!

A beachfront masterpiece in beautiful Canada

This may not be the most ostentatious lottery winner’s home out there, but we certainly think it’s one of the most beautiful. Canadian Lotto 6/49 winner Jim MacIsaac really pushed the boat out when he spent $1.2 million of his $10 million prize on this gorgeous waterfront property.

Source: Cbc

Based in majestic Deer Lake, Newfoundland, this property combines a spa room, four gorgeously furnished bedrooms, a master bedroom balcony, a home cinema and constellation-mimicking fibre-optics wired into the ceiling!

Source: Cbc

Based in majestic Deer Lake, Newfoundland, this property combines a spa room, four gorgeously furnished bedrooms, a master bedroom balcony, a home cinema and constellation-mimicking fibre-optics wired into the ceiling!

MacIsaac and his wife played a huge part in the design and development of this stunning property, which they initially envisioned as a relatively simple crash-pad near the local international airport. As he told local reporters, “It kind of got out of hand”.


The home that’s so incredible, they bought it in just ten minutes!

Feast your eyes on the Frognal Estate in South Ayrshire, Scotland. This magnificent property was snapped up for roughly €3.500.000 by Coin and Christine Weir, the British couple who became EuroMillions’ first ever maximum jackpot winners back in 2011.

Source: Daily Mail

Highlights of this stately Scottish pile include a 36,000-piece chandelier, a billiards room, four lavish bedrooms, and sprawling grounds featuring fountains, greenhouses and a market garden. Truly the Weirs are ordinary people living the kind of lifestyle which was once reserved for the aristocracy alone.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

The property’s former owner, Bill Costley, told the Daily Mail that the Weirs had bought the property fully furnished, decadently decorated from floor to ceiling: “They were in about 10 minutes and bought it and all the contents.

“I say it myself, but it is a very special house in a unique location and I am sure the Weirs will be very happy in it, as we were.”

A stunning home and a worthy cause

In some, rather creative lottery draws, the millionaire mansion is the jackpot. Take this gorgeous pad on the Sydney beachfront for example.

Worth roughly €2.600.000, the property went up for grabs last summer in a special lottery held to raise funds for Australian veterans. The home features a sea-view terrace, cutting edge electrical appliances and a stunning, open plan kitchen-living-dining area.

Australia has been holding a Prize Home Lottery to raise money for the country’s veterans since the aftermath of the First World War, when Ozzie servicemen joined the Allies in their fight against Kaiser Wilhelm and the Axis Powers. This North Beach home is one of the most valuable ever given away in this great lottery’s long history.