5 Things We Learned About Lotto in 2017

We’re already a quarter of the way into 2018 – but let’s not forget about everything that happened last year! Here’s a quick recap of the amazing things we learned about lotto in 2017, from monster jackpots to new ways for players to make money from lottery.

5. Some players see lotto as a chance to earn, as well as a chance to win

Back in January 2017, we announced the relaunch of our affiliate initiative, PlayEuroLotto Affiliates. Thanks to this ground-breaking scheme, members can earn extra cash – or even a full-blown income – by sharing lottery content and links on their social media. Throughout the year, we saw all different types of people making money by acting as a PlayEuroLotto affiliate, from stay-at-home mums to students. You can find out more at our lottery affiliate signup site.

4. Monster jackpots are for everyone

This year saw Europe’s terrific twosome of transnational lotteries, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, continue to spread the mega-jackpot phenomenon that’s been familiar to American players for decades. The biggest European win of the year was the € 190 Million maximum EuroMillions jackpot claimed by a Spanish player in October, which goes down in history as the joint-biggest European lotto win ever. It was a great year for EuroJackpot too, with another maximum jackpot of € 90 million claimed – this time by five ticketholders. As always, PlayEuroLotto has been making huge prizes like these accessible to players all over Europe and beyond (and here’s a news article from Cyprus that proves it!)

3. Lottery ads can be works of art

The Spanish Christmas Lottery continued its tradition of amazing TV ads with a heart-warming, cinematic love story – complete with a cute dog!

2. Lottery tickets will soon be a thing of the past

From South Africa to New Zealand, lotto operators are working rapidly to develop ticket-free entry to their draws. Paper tickets are wasteful, inefficient and dangerously easy to lose – digital systems like the PlayEuroLotto platform are, of course, infinitely superior… We predict paper tickets will be a thing of the past within a decade.

1. Sometimes the best odds don’t make the best game

The conventional wisdom is that the lotteries with the kindest odds will always be the best fit for players hoping to nail a jackpot prize – and there’s no denying that there is sense in this. However, playing lotto is more complex and in-depth than this way of thinking would suggest. The MegaMillions lotto underwent transformative rule changes this October that made its odds tougher and jackpots harder to hit. At the same time, prizes became more headline-grabbing and payouts for low-level wins more likely. We think Powerball’s new combination of highly probable minor wins with extra-big jackpots is a sure-fire winner!