6 Weird Lottery Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

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When you’ve worked in the lottery industry as long as us, you’ll come to realise what a bizarre and brilliant game this really is. Here are 6 weird lottery facts that will show you exactly what we’re talking about.

And the jackpot winner is… a panda?

There’s a rather amusing trend going on amongst Chinese lottery winners at the moment – they’re wearing funny masks when they claim their prizes, to protect their identities. One guy even turned up dressed as a panda recently. Is that you in the GIF!?


Lightning can strike twice, thrice, four times and maybe even more!

Joan Ginther, a PhD student from the United States has won lottery jackpots on four separate occasions. No-one knows how Ginther has pulled off this amazing feat, so the lottery authorities have not been able to penalise her for cheating. C’mon Joan, you can tell us how you do it!


Politeness sometimes comes at a price

The world celebrated with 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie when she bagged a world record $590 million Powerball jackpot back in 2013 – but one person who certainly wasn’t feeling the love was one Mindy Crandall, who had allowed Mackenzie to cut in line ahead of her whilst queueing to buy her own ticket. Readers, please don’t let this put you off being nice to old ladies!


Won the lottery? We hope you’re wearing a bra!

Nearly 30% of female lottery winners reportedly stash their winning lottery ticket in the bra! Unfortunately we don’t have any figures on what men do when they win a lottery jackpot, but we would certainly be interested to know.

Pay attention to your fortune cookies

Back in 2005 a batch of American fortune cookie slips were printed with FIVE of the winning numbers from a big Powerball draw, leading to an unprecedented 110 people winning the second prize. They were all just one number away from winning a share of the $25.5 million jackpot fund – ouch! Incidentally, Powerball recently paid out the biggest lottery jackpot of all time!

This is a brilliant use for speeding fines!

In Stockholm, Sweden, fines paid by speeding drivers are used to fund regular lottery draws, which pay out randomly to people with a clean driving record. Sweden is the best – especially if you drive safely.

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