7 Deadly Sins of Lottery

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but we’ve heard that some of you have been committing some very serious sins against the game of lottery! We’re not here to judge, but we do want to set you back on the righteous path. These are the 7 deadly sins of lottery, according to PlayEuroLotto – commit these crimes against lotto at the risk of your immortal soul!

Lack of faith

O, ye of little faith! No man has ever won a jackpot of monstrous proportions without first owning the belief to purchase a ticket. Thou shalt always believe in your power to win.


Aversion to adventure

Playing just one game is a singular sin, when seven fine lotteries glitter within! From gargantuan Powerball to fair DinoLotto, pick more than just one to participate in.



Covet not thine neighbour’s jackpot! Be not dismayed by the lottery wealth won by others, but go forth and seek thine own treasures with willing and earnest heart.



Do not be greedy, o lottery winners! Share but a thousand – nay, ten thousand euros each with the goodly writers of the PlayEuroLotto blog, and we shall be most thoroughly contented. We eagerly await your benefactions.


Do not come to us with mouthfuls of excuses when your numbers are called but you did not enter the draw! Tarry not in placing your bet – for he who does not care to try, will often regret.


Ye poor, backwards-looking folk with your lottery tickets of paper, bought over meagre shop counters! The age of online lottery is ripe and in its prime – and yet you persist with these ancient paper slips. Find thyself a laptop and hasten to playeurolotto.com.

Lack of ambition

‘tis a poor breed of man who will be contented with ordinary victories and meagre prizes. Thou shalt seek the greatest jackpots, no less.

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Die schlimmste Sünde ist vergessen zu spielen und zu sehen wie deine Zahlen gezogen werden 🙂

Reply Written by: Birgitt Tau on 21.7.2017 at 2:39