7 Sexiest Cars in the World

the sexiest cars in the world

The time has come for a spot of day-dreaming to get us through the rest of the working week! We don’t know about you, but our materialistic fantasies often seem to take on an automotive theme of late – maybe the sunny weather is tempting us to get out there on the open road in a beautiful new ride…

Here’s some fuel for those fantasies: the seven sexiest cars in the world as chosen by PlayEuroLotto:

7. Aston Martin DB9

If an Aston Martin is good enough for James Bond, it’s gotta be good enough for our shortlist! This model is an absolute pearl, with an aerodynamic design and sports car performance. With both black and white options available, lotto millionaires looking to find the perfect addition to their fleet have options!


6. Audi S1 Quattro

We know this one’s going to split opinion, but we’ve got to admit we’ve fallen for this unique little number from Audi. Modelled on the A1 hatchback, this baby goes 0-60 in 6 seconds – that’s remarkable acceleration for a car of its type. Imagine that turbo!


5. Tesla Model S

Could this be the world’s sexiest electric car? With its desirable combination of a beautiful, sleek look, and practical considerations like seating for 5 passengers and storage space provision, this car isn’t just a one-night-stand, it’s marriage material.


4. Bentley Flying Spur V8

What self-respecting sexiest cars shortlist would be complete without a picture of a sexy woman draped across a sexy car!? The Flying Spur oozes class, with a classic design that positively screams ‘high roller’!


3. Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

‘Eau rouge’ translates into English as ‘red water’, which uncomfortably evokes images from the movie ‘Jaws’. Fortunately, this super-car is nothing but beautiful to look at, and with world-beating suspension to offset the turbulence-inducing effects of its high speed and acceleration, it’s a beautiful car to drive too.


2. Porsche Panamera

Porsche must surely be the world’s leading makers of sedan cars. To those of you who disagree, look no further than the Panamera, which marries that timeless Porsche style and performance with the practicality to appeal to families.

the sexiest cars in the world

1. Jaguar XJ

In our opinion, Jaguar will never be surpassed as purveyors of luxury vehicles, and the ever-evolving XJ just keeps getting better with every annual update. This is the car of choice for playboys and playgirls the world over for good reason: it is sheer perfection!


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Image source: therichest.com

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