12 Celebrities Who Play Lotto

Just because you’re already rich, that doesn’t mean to say you wouldn’t like to pocket another few million. Here are 12 massively famous, millionaire celebrities who play lotto – because you can never be too wealthy!

Hugh Jackman

It always seemed safe to assume that Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman would be a pretty exceptional guy – and here’s a story that prove it beyond doubt…

Where not sure whether Hugh Jackman plays lottery himself, but the Australian A-lister does have a habit of buying them for other people, as he explains: “It’s my way of paying taxes. The very first film I did in America, I was embarrassed to say two months in that I didn’t know half of the crew’s names.”

“So I thought that on a Friday afternoon I’ll whip by and buy Lottery tickets for everyone and hand them out.”

“I say it’s an Australian tradition, but it’s not.”

Jackman’s lotto philanthropy hit the headlines in 2011, when it emerged that the actor was buying one ticket per week for every single member of the 500-strong crew for sci-fi flick Real Steel, in which Jackman plays retired boxer Charlie Kenton.


Pop icon Madonna is one of the few celebrities to have publically announced a major lottery win. Back in 2012 Madge reportedly won a total of €120,000 in secondary SuperEnalotto prizes – all of which she donated to help build schools in Malawi.

Dan Bilzerian

You know that guy with the Instagram account? With the women, and the guns and the beard? The guy with the money? Yep, we’re all acquainted with Dan Bilzerian, millionaire heir and poker playboy. Now we know this guy loves to gamble – but were you aware he’s an avid lottery player?

Bilzerian bought an astonishing $100,000 worth of tickets for this January’s world record-breaking billion dollar Powerball draw. We’re pleased to say he didn’t win the jackpot!

Hilary Clinton

Even presidential candidates play lotto! Hilary Clinton confirmed she bought a ticket for this January’s world record Powerball draw in an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’.

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress allegedly snapped up 1500 tickets for an Italian SuperEnalotto draw back in 2008. When asked about the purchase, she was quick to point out that if she were to win she would invest 10% if the prizemoney into good causes. Very charitable, Paris!

Wayne Rooney

Rumour has it that Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is fanatical about playing lotto! A source told The Daily Star newspaper: “Wayne is a working class boy at heart and despite having millions in the bank, he loves a flutter on the lottery and dreams of landing a multimillion pound jackpot.

“He never buys the tickets himself, but he gets mates to buy them for him.

“It’s quite funny when you think how rich he is, but I guess it proves that no matter how well you’re doing, someone else is always doing better.”

Liz Hurley

Here’s another celeb lottery player with generous intentions! Liz Hurley is reported to have bought 500 lottery tickets back in 2010, with a view to donating any winnings to victims of the devastating Haiti earthquake of that year. George Clooney also bought lottery tickets to support the same cause.

50 Cent

Spare a thought for 50 Cent. The Jamaica-born rapper who rose to worldwide fame off the back of a string of hit albums in the early 2000s had to file for bankruptcy in 2015.

Earlier this year however, the Powerball lottery came oh-so-close to offering the rap superstar a $900 million lifeline that would have left him feeling like a kid in a candy shop. Fiddy posted on Instagram to show his followers how close he had come to winning the Powerball jackpot – he had matched three out of five regular numbers! Tough luck, Mr Cent.

Simon Cowell

The X Factor star told reporters, “I still buy lottery tickets. I still play.” He also said that if he were to win the jackpot he would claim his prize anonymously – just what we’d expect from the hard-nosed music mogul. With a net worth of approximately $550 million, Cowell would have to land one of the highest value lottery jackpots of all time in its entirety if were to double his fortune.

George Clooney

Not only is he a fine actor and coffee salesman – but George Clooney is also a philanthropist! The silver fox shelled out for 1,000 lottery tickets back in 2010, in the hopes of winning a fortune to donate to the earthquake-stricken people of Haiti. Though Clooney’s tickets didn’t win, he did manage to raise a substantial amount of money for the cause by teaming up with MTV to host a fundraising telethon!

Woody Allen

In August this year it emerged that renowned film director Woody Allen is a keen lottery player. Allen told The Guardian he spends $100 a week on lottery tickets, but he insisted a jackpot win wouldn’t change him “I’ve talked this over with my wife. We would still go on living in the same house, I would go on working, I don’t want a boat, I don’t want a plane.

“I’m not one of those people who has knee-jerk antipathy to wealth. I like to look at rich people. I enjoy taking a tour of a very wealthy estate.”

Of course, the elephant in the room, Woody, is that you’re already filthy stinking rich, to the tune of $65 million according to recent reports!

Jessica Simpson

Playing lottery still appeals to singer Jessica Simpson, regardless of how much cash she already has lying in the bank. She told Extra: “I jumped into the Powerball the other night, I didn’t win! I’m normally pretty lucky at the lottery, but I don’t know, I always ask like do rich people even win the lottery?”

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