Australian Lotto Player Wins Twice in Three Days

Every once in a while you’ll hear about a person who wins multiple major lotto prizes in their lifetime. That’s a pretty special achievement, but we’ve just got wind of a story that makes these incredible feats seem average by comparison. Join us as we tell the incredible tale of an Australian lotto player who just won two major prizes in the space of three days…

News just broke of a remarkable double lottery win in Queensland, Australia, where a female player has claimed two big prizes in the space of three days.

The player’s lucky streak started on Monday 15th May, when she won a $9,704 prize in a Queensland Gold Lotto draw. A lot of people might consider resting on their laurels and quitting while they’re ahead after bagging such a big prize – but not this player. The lucky lottery winner also entered the Wednesday night drawing of the Gold Lottery on that same week, and was rewarded with a multi-million jackpot prize.

The double-winner lives in Caboolture, Queensland. Source: Hotel Room Search

Speaking under condition of anonymity, the winning player spoke to reporters from her local paper, the Caboolture Shire Herald, shortly after her jackpot win.

“It’s just unreal! I’ve had two wins in the past few weeks, and now last night I won $2.77 million. It’s crazy,” said the Queenslander.

“It’s like you get your lucky time in your life and it all happens. That’s how it feels to me.

“It’s been a bit of a roll of wins lately. I thought my luck may have run out, but it’s just got better. This is the icing on top of the cake!

“All we want to do is play golf a couple of times a week and kick back. We’ve worked hard our whole lives. It’s time to put the boots down.”

And put her boots down she can! As a new lotto millionaire, this most fortunate of Aussies can now look forward to a life of luxury and leisure.

PlayEuroLotto’s top tips for getting lucky more often

If these lucky Aussies can strike it rich two times in just three days, surely you can win a big prize too?

Whilst there’s no way to guarantee a lottery win, there are lots of ways you can increase the likelihood of a major prize win. Here are some of our top tips to help you take home a life-changing lotto prize

Join a syndicate

We’re always keen to tell people about our lottery syndicates, and there’s a good reason for that: they make it far easier for you to win a big prize!

increase lotto odds

A lottery syndicate is just a group of people who all buy tickets for a draw, and agree to share the prizemoney between themselves if any of the tickets wins. How much of the prizemoney each player gets depends on the amount of tickets/shares they bought for the syndicate. This setup gives everyone a much better chance of winning.

PlayEuroLotto’s syndicates, Euro Combi, US Combi and VIP World buy you shares in loads of tickets for a variety of lottery draws, every month. For more information, see our ultimate guide to lottery syndicates.

Play more

That sounds super-obvious, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true.

The more lotto you play, the better your chance of a major win. This doesn’t mean you should ever go over your normal weekly lotto budget – never do that. Instead, make sure you remember to play, within your limits every week.

One easy way to do just that is to use our Subscribe feature, by ticking the Subscription box on any of our lottery pages. You’ll then be able to choose how long the subscription should last. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to guarantee your entry into a year’s worth of draws (unless you choose to cancel).

Choose a draw with easier odds

There are loads of lotteries out there, and they all tend to offer different odds on winning prizes. You need to decide on the level of prize you want to aim for, and then play the lottery that has the best odds on prizes at that level. You can find full odds tables for each of our draws on their respective pages.

Never lose your optimism

There are lots of things you can do to raise your chance of a lottery win, but most important of all is that you never lose your optimism. So many people who might have won a jackpot stop playing before their numbers get called.

Winning only becomes impossible when you lose the faith.