My Big Lottery Win – Thanks to a Tin of Soup!

Lucky charms come in all shapes, sizes… and flavours! Just ask Neal Damato – he puts his big lottery win down to a burger and a tin of soup.

Damato stuck it rich in a drawing of New York Lottery’s instant win game, Set for Life, this February. A retired public safety supervisor, Neal won the draw’s top prize – an amazing jackpot worth at last $5 million.

The lucky winner had been out for a burger with his wife on the afternoon when he bought his winning lottery ticket. Damato was feeling so full from eating his lavish lunch that instead of eating any of the heart meals he had in stock, he’d go to the shop to buy a humble tin of soup for dinner. He ended up buying his winning ticket while he was at it!

Damato told members of the local media about the moment he scratched off his ticket and discovered he was a massive winner:

“I scratched the first ticket outside the store and stood there in disbelief thinking, ‘Something’s not right here’. I double- and triple-checked, and then went looking for my wife.”

Neal and his wife, Carol, say they plan to use their winnings to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in style, to travel to Tahiti and to help their kids out with the college fees.

Now we know what you’re all thinking: whatever happened to that tin of soup?

We’re pleased to report that the incredibly lucky grocery is still unopened and intact – Damato says he wants to be buried with it. The lucky winning flavour, for those of you who are interested, was chicken noodle.

Lucky food strikes again!

This happy tale is only the latest of many lottery winner’s stories centred around foodstuffs!

One of our favourites from the PlayEuroLotto blog archive is the very strange tale of how one Powerball draw got totally high-jacked by a bunch of players using a fortune cookie prediction to decide which numbers to play. Amazing, the fortune was just one correct number away from a jackpot win, which meant a very unusually high number of players ended up sharing the runner-up prize.

We knew there was a reason we love Chinese food so much!

Image source: Newsday