€1.38 Billion Powerball jackpot: 3 winning tickets

The world woke up this morning to amazing news from the United States. Three astonishingly lucky winning entrants have hit the world record shattering €1.38 billion Powerball jackpot. The eye-watering sum is the highest ever paid out in a regular lottery. If no other winners emerge, the sums paid out to the winning ticket-holders will go in at joint second place on the all-time ranking for payouts to individual winning players.

Billion Powerball Jackpot Hit

Details on the three confirmed winning tickets are trickling in by the hour, though the identities of the winners themselves remains unknown. What we do know is the states in which the winning tickets were sold: California, Tennessee and Florida.

This world record draw represented a major landmark in the growth of international lottery gaming. Alongside the numerous overseas online players attracted by the draw’s astonishing top prize, publications including Time Magazine have also published reports of numerous Canadian citizens crossing the border just to buy a Powerball ticket. It has been reported (and we can confirm!) that thousands of players from outside the United States who entered the lottery online have won lower tier prizes.

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What this prize means for the lotteries everywhere

A recent series of rule changes in the Powerball lottery were put in place to generate monster jackpots in the billion euro region. At the time of the re-jig a number of industry commentators speculated that the new rules could deliver a jackpot on this scale within 5 years. Few would dare predicting that it would happen within just three months.

The huge public appetite demonstrated by the vast quantities of tickets sold in Powerball draws over recent weeks. Big jackpots sell, and other lottery operators will be taking notice. Don’t be surprised if we see Powerball’s infrequent monster jackpots taken up by other leading lotteries in the near future.

We’ve seen the world’s first billion Euro prize fund in a regular lottery. How long until we see the first individual billion Euro winner?

What will the lucky Powerball winners do now?