What Would You Buy Them for Christmas if You Won the Lottery?

With great wealth comes great festive responsibility! If you won the lottery this December, what would you buy your family to celebrate? We’ve pulled together this list of ideas, just in case you hit the jackpot and you have some cash left after buying your lotto mansion:

For him: The Aston Martin Valkyrie – approx. € 3,3 million

It’s likely that most of the men you know will probably share one thing in common. Given the choice, they’d like to be James Bond.

You can make it happen – to a certain extent at least – by buying them the latest hypercar off the Aston Martin production line: the Valkyrie.

This stunning new model is the newest addition to Aston Martin’s iconic “V” cars series, which has included such iconic vehicles as the Vanquish, Vulcan and Virage.

Created in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, the Valkyrie boasts a V12 engine, carbon fibre body and open underfloor. Its design looks roughly 50% 007, 50% Batmobile – guaranteed to win your brother, father, husband or son’s heart this Christmas!

For her: Wallis Simpson’s panther bracelet – approx. € 10,5 million

Whatever you spend on him, you should aim to spend at least three times as much on her.

That’s the logic that brought us to the this panther bracelet by Cartier, which sold at auction for $12.4 million earlier this year (that’s approximately € 10,5 million).

So what makes this onyx and diamond panther so special?

For starters, it’s a piece of history. The bracelet’s original owner was Wallis Simpson, the American socialite who ultimately caused King George VI of the United Kingdom to abdicate his throne. And rumour has it that the panther is still moving in impressive circles. Apparently the Queen of Pop and lottery lover Madonna was the buyer who purchased it at auction from Sotheby’s.

For the kids: The Masterpiece Rubik’s Cube – approx. € 1,3 million

Okay, this is actually a great stocking filler for grown-up rich kids as well as actual kids.

The Masterpiece Cube is a fantastically fun piece of bling, coated with 185 carats of precious stones. Instead of regular old, red, yellow, green, blue, white and black, you’ll be twisting stones like amethysts, rubies and emeralds to find that elusive winning alignment. Just remember – not to throw it on the floor when you get frustrated with it!

Created in 1995 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube, The Masterpiece Cube is a lavish, fully functioning homage to one of the greatest toys of all time. The world feels like a better place now we know that it exists!

For the grandparents: Regent Seven Seas Explorer Cruise – approx. € 4.200 per person, per night

Regent Seven Seas says its new liner, the Seven Seas Explorer, is the “world’s most luxurious cruise ship”.

It’s a bold claim – but judging by what we’ve seen of the Explorer’s interior, they may have a point. Take the Regency Suite for example.

With an area of 2,917 square feet plus its own 958-square-foot wraparound balcony, this premium berth is palatial by cruise accommodation standards. The master bed alone is worth around $150,000, sheets included, and there are original paintings by Picasso hung in the corridor.

It’s not just the Explorer’s cabins that are worth writing home about – there are some amazing all-inclusive perks thrown into the bargain too. Amongst other luxuries, Explorer passengers get unlimited fine wines and premium spirits, swanky hotel stays on shore days, plus business class air travel to and from their cruise’s starting point. That € 4.200 price-per-person-per-night bill is starting to make sense!

A fortnight aboard the Regent Seven Seas Explorer for your granny and grandad would cost well over € 100.000. However, we can safely say it would be the trip of a lifetime!

For a very good boy: I Love Dogs 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar – approx. € 1,5 million

First thing’s first, we fully acknowledge that we’ve included a far more expensive gift for the family dog than the grandparents… but let’s just go with it. Just look at them sparklers!

The I Love Dogs 52-carat diamond dog collar is adorned with over 1,600 diamonds on 18 carat of white gold. All that bling comes mounted on a crocodile leather collar, for the sake of practicality, of course.


This product leaves us with one burning question: if somebody can afford to spend this kind of money on their dog, how much are they spending on themselves? They must’ve won the lottery