Buy Lottery Tickets Instead of these 5 Pointless Purchases!

When you buy lottery tickets you’re buying a fun experience, a social event, and a chance to dream – so why shouldn’t lotto be at the top of your shopping list? There are certainly far worse things to prioritise, as one player from Saskatoon, Canada, has discovered to his spectacular benefit…

Curtis Mooney’s life changed forever on December 30th 2016, when he finally got around to checking some six-month-old lotto tickets – thanks to some judicious nagging from his father. Mooney checked his ticket from the Canadian Lotto 649 draw on August 31st that year, and made the amazing discovery that he was a $5 million winner. He told The Canadian Press he was overwhelmed by the win, and that a few people in his life would share in his good fortune.

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No doubt a lot of joy has been spread by Mooney’s jackpot – for which he has his father to thank on not just one, but two accounts. As we know, Mr Mooney Snr had nagged his son to check his old tickets, and the prize may otherwise have gone unclaimed.

Source: CBC News

But the winner’s dad had an even bigger role to play, as Mooney may not have even bought his winning ticket in the first place if his father hadn’t told him to stop buying snacks and start investing in “something bigger”. That bigger something was lottery tickets, and the investment seems to have paid off handsomely! Mooney told The Canadian Press:

“For years I thought, ‘Okay, I could’ve walked away with a bag of Doritos, but I got this lottery ticket instead.’”

So there you have it – in this guy’s case, giving up snacks instead of buying a lottery ticket proved to be the decision of a lifetime.

5 Pointless things to swap out for lottery tickets

Nobody should ever buy lottery tickets instead of things they really need in life – after all, lotteries are supposed to be just for fun.Having said that, if you’re anything like us you probably make plenty of other non-essential purchases that you really might want to consider replacing with lottery tickets. Here are some gentle suggestions:

1) Snacks

Let’s start somewhere obvious; let’s start with the non-essential purchase that Curtis Mooney ditched to make way for his life-changing lotto jackpot. Healthy snacks like fruit and nuts are great, but things like crisps (you might call them chips) and chocolate bars are rubbish foodstuffs that won’t even fill you up. A million-euro jackpot – now that’s nourishing!

2) Cigarettes

Everyone has the right to choose whether or not to smoke, but there are very few people who would argue that it wouldn’t be a good thing to cut down. Depending on the tax laws in your country of residence, a twenty-pack of cigarettes could equate to two, three or even four extra lottery plays.

3) Cable TV

Because you probably have loads of channels to choose from anyway. Plus, the internet exists.

4) Pre-sliced food

Do you own a knife? If so, you really have no excuse for buying over-priced, pre-sliced food.

5) Branded products

Allow us to let you in on a little secret: loads of own-brand supermarket products are practically identical to the equivalent branded products.Try swapping to off-brand the next time you shop – you’ll save enough money to buy far more than just some extra lottery tickets.

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