What could you buy with a record euromillions win?

The largest ever EuroMillions jackpot win saw Adrian and Gillian Bayford, a couple from Suffolk, England match five plus two numbers correctly to land the windfall of all windfalls: the incomprehensible sum of 190,000,000 Euros. The win saw the pair immediately rank at 514th on the Sunday Times Rich List for the UK (check out the video here the pair speaking about their reaction to the news).

190,000,000 Euros is a truly mind-blowing sum of money, next to impossible to imagine physically. So what could you actually spend it on?

Half of Lionel Messi

Yes you read that correctly. The diminutive Argentina and Barcelona football maestro has an estimated transfer value of £331million. Score a lottery win as big as the Bayfords’ and you’d be over half way to buying him. Better get a bet on another line and see if you can win again if you want the other half…

Three of London’s most expensive properties

The upper reaches of the London property market are inhabited by properties of jaw-dropping luxury, occupying a price range often as high as £50million and sometimes extending well above £60million. The Bayfords could buy themselves three £50million+ properties in the most exclusive of the British capital’s post codes, just in case one wouldn’t be quite enough. Have a look at the type of places we’re talking about here.

A Jackson Pollock painting

Jackson Pollock’s modern art masterpiece No. 5, 1948 sold in a private sale at Sotherby’s in 2006 for $140million. If they just so happened to be connoisseurs of fine art, the Bayfords would be capable of buying a painting of this extraordinary value and still having a few spare millions knocking around afterwards!

One of the world’s most expensive yachts

The most expensive yachts in the world can be worth as much as an eye-watering $800million, as is the case with Russian billionaire Roman Ambromovich’s spectacular vessel Eclipse. A record lottery win would afford you the chance to buy yourself a yacht that might just sneak into the top ten most expensive yachts in the world, but you certainly couldn’t buy the very best.

190,000,000 lottery lines

It’d be counter-intuitive to do so, but heck, maybe you just really love playing lottery games! If you’d won hundreds of millions of Euros as a result of one you would probably have quite a fond place in your heart for lotteries!

Image © Calcio Streaming on Flickr