VIDEO: This Spanish Lottery Ad Will Melt Your Heart

Spanish Lottery Ad

Pixar style animation Spanish lottery tv ad Pixar style animation Spanish lottery tv ad – One of the remarkable things about lotteries is their power to bring people together. Whether that’s through millions of players switching on their TVs for the shared ritual of watching a draw, or through their power to unite thousands of online users in the hope… Read more

Win one of the biggest Christmas lotteries this winter!

biggest Christmas lotteries

The Christmas season is always a challenge for a person’s budget, whether you’re lavishing gifts upon your loved ones or simply buying yourself lots of festive drinks. But imagine if money were no object… Win one of the biggest Christmas lotteries this winter and saving for presents will never be a challenge again! A Christmas investment Some of our players… Read more

Get rich this Christmas with PlayEuroLotto!

Get rich this Christmas

Christmas is always a fantastic time of the year. It’s especially great if you have lots of cash to spend! From great odds to the world’s biggest lottery prizes, PlayEuroLotto can give you every kind of lotto success there is. How do you like the sound of unwrapping a multi-million euro present this Christmas with your favorite lotteries ?  Get… Read more

PlayEuroLotto Player Wins EuroMillions Prize of 111.796,88 EUR

PlayEuroLotto player wins

PlayEuroLotto player wins EuroMillions A PlayEuroLotto player from Germany has won an unbelievable EuroMillions prize of 111.796,88 EUR! The lucky winner, who is choosing to remain anonymous, correctly matched all five main numbers in the draw on Friday 27th November to land his third-tier win; if he had managed to match the two Lucky Star numbers correctly, he would have… Read more

One of the top European jackpots ever paid out!

Well folks, the wait is over. After several weeks of consecutive rollovers, we finally have a Euromillions WINNER! top European jackpots ! We know two things about the lucky player in question: 1. They bought their ticket for Friday night’s draw in Coimbra, Portugal; and 2. They’re now well over 160 million EUR richer! If you’re one of them, make… Read more

6 Things You Should Know About Superdraw

Everything to know about Euromillions Superdraw

Everyone’s talking about the November 6th EuroMillions Superdraw. All over Europe and even beyond, millions of players are buying their tickets and getting ready for one of the biggest lottery events of 2015. So how does the draw work, why is the prize so high and can you enter even if you don’t live in Europe? Here’s everything you need… Read more

Top EuroMillions Superdraw Wins

Top EuroMillions Superdraw Wins

Europe is set for another bout of EuroMillions fever on November 6th. The multinational lottery will offer its third Superdraw of the year, A Top EuroMillions Superdraw Wins guaranteeing a jackpot prize fund of at least € 100.000.000. EuroMillions Superdraws have led immediately to jackpot wins on nine occasions. Other times the extra money has rolled over, helping EuroMillions to… Read more

Top 5 Home Improvements for Millionaires

Home Improvements for Millionaires

Not every newly minted millionaire necessarily wants to start afresh at a brand new property. Many of us already love our existing homes so much that we’d never even begin to consider moving elsewhere if we got rich. Most luxurious home life lies not in property acquisition, but rather in home improvement. Our Top 5 Millionaires Home Improvements  should give… Read more

Record Wins in PlayEuroLotto’s Lotteries

Record Wins in PlayEuroLotto

We’re more than a little proud of the sextet of quality lottery games we’ve brought together for you PlayEuroLotto. There is something for every lotto lover. From the draws with the best odds to the games with the record prizes, a range of ticket prices and gameplay available features. For some players it’s the very biggest jackpots that put the… Read more

Yin & Yang: balance big lottery jackpots with great odds

Big Lottery Jackpots

Everything’s better when it’s in balance. Work and play, hot and cold, tough and gentle – too much of one extreme and not enough of the other is invariably going to prove to be in some way unsatisfactory, or perhaps even harmful. This yin and yang principal can be applied to so many different aspects of life, and lotto gaming… Read more