Top 7 Amazing Facts about Lottery Syndicates

Whether you’re a member of one or not, there’s no way lottery syndicates haven’t come to your attention by now. Syndicates win a huge percentage of major lottery prizes worldwide, including some of the world’s biggest jackpots. These seven amazing facts about lottery syndicates will give you an idea of what these remarkably successful organisations are all about No. 1… Read more

Online Lottery Syndicates Relaunch: What’s New?

Online Lottery Syndicates

Our online lottery syndicates are back, and they’re better than ever! Read on to find out what’s new in our three fantastic syndicate set-ups. PlayEuroLotto online lottery syndicates: what’s new? If you’re a regular PlayEuroLotto player, the first big change you’ll notice is that we’ve refreshed the appearance of the syndicates section. Go take a peek – it’s a beauty!… Read more

How to share lottery tickets safely

Lotto syndicates are big money, accounting for one quarter of all jackpot wins. The benefits of sharing lottery tickets are clear in every new headline about an office syndicate or group of friends winning a big prize. But sometimes syndicates go wrong – when the members can’t decide how to share its winnings, for example. Join us as we talk… Read more

The Ultimate PlayEuroLotto Guide to Lottery Syndicates

Syndicates are one of least publicised aspects of lottery gameplay, despite the fact that they claim a huge share of the prize money on offer globally. In fact, around one in every four major national and international lottery jackpots is won by a lottery syndicate. This complete guide to lottery syndicates is built to tell you exactly what syndicates are,… Read more

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories

Lottery Syndicate Success Stories – Joining a lottery syndicate will never fail to boost your chances of winning a major prize. So as long as you’re happy to settle for less than a full jackpot total. Each member buys a share in every ticket bought by the syndicate instead of buying a full individual ticket. By multiplying their chances of… Read more

How much can you increase your chances by joining a syndicate?

lottery syndicate increases your chances to win

How Joining syndicate increase winning chances ? For the more pessimistic lottery players out there, winning a jackpot can sometimes seem like an impossible dream. But what if your chances were to increase as much as 512 times over? Playing as part of a syndicate is an incredibly effective way to bring a major lottery win within reach. Here is… Read more

Euro Combi Syndicate: Boost Your Chances Of A Major Win!

Joining a syndicate is a super-smart. But it is also an utterly intriguing way to play lotto. According to a leading national lotto, this betting method provides roughly one in every four jackpot wins. Did you know you can now join in the syndicate action online with PlayEuroLotto’s fantastic syndicate offers? For those of you who don’t know what syndicate… Read more

VIP World Syndicate: Improve Your Chances Of Winning

VIP World syndicate We’d all love to win a major lottery prize, and drastically increasing our chances of doing so is actually far easier than you might expect: just join a syndicate, VIP World syndicate! A significant proportion of the world’s lotto jackpot wins are claimed by syndicates, and with online syndicates now taking the web by storm, the prevalence… Read more

US Combi Syndicate: The World’s Biggest Jackpots Combined!

US Combi Syndicate play is the way to play lotto… Statistics from the UK national lottery reveal that one in every four lotto jackpots is won by a syndicate. That is a 25% ratio!  We’re now giving you the opportunity to get smart and join the gold rush online with our unique syndicate set-ups. If you’re unsure how a lottery… Read more

What’s so good about playing lotto online?

Playing Lotto Online

We’ve loved playing lotteries for literally thousands of years, and over the second half of the 20th century playing with paper slips and waiting to find out results through TV draws or print publications always seemed to suit us just fine. In light of this fact, you could be forgiven for wondering why exactly you should be ditching those old… Read more