That would not have happened to PlayEuroLotto!

MegaMillions winner does not pick up his $ 1.54 billion. Since October 23, 2018, the MegaMillions lottery is waiting for the winner to announce the equivalent of € 1.36 billion. The American media suspect that the winner, who had made his billion-tip ticket in the state of South Carolina, has simply lost his ticket, or so far has no idea… Read more

Seven Crazy Ways to Spend a EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot

Financial responsibility, investments, debt repayments – for an event as life-changing as winning the lottery, the subject can really have the shine taken off it by less-than-lush language and the most boring of details. Fear not, however: PlayEuroLotto know that for the average lottery player the most interesting ways to spend winnings are usually the maddest, so here are seven… Read more