How To Celebrate NYE Like A Lottery Winner

This Weekend’s Lotto Draws

No doubt some of you will have some pretty exciting plans for New Year’s Eve, whether they take the form of a raucous night out with your pals or an evening of blissful relaxation at home in your own company. For most of us the 31st December can often be one of the best nights of the year, and we imagine for lottery winners it must be even better… if you won a jackpot prize, how would you spend the evening?

The party

If extravagance is your cup of tea, then you may well find the party venue of your dreams in Drai’s, Las Vegas, recently touted as the world’s most expensive nightclub! The deals on offer at Drai’s include “a package costing $737,000, which gets you a private 737 jet for you and 50 friends, a 210-second firework display, accommodation, and a lot of champagne”. Or you could always ask your friends over to your place, Great Gatsby stylee. The world’s your oyster…

The bubbly

We’ve heard of lottery winners blowing all their winnings on the high life, but it never once crossed our minds that many jackpot winners could spend all their winnings on one single bottle of champagne… Still, that’s what it’ll cost if you want the best(/priciest!); Goût de Diamants, or ‘Taste of Diamonds’, which could set you back as much as £1.2million per bottle (that’s £1,600 per millilitre). Could any drink on the face of the Earth be worth such a sum? Maybe if you won the EuroMillions last weekend it wouldn’t really matter…

The DJ

Superstar DJs can today demand performance fees that beggar belief, so we’re hoping you’ve set aside a sizable chunk of your jackpot win to fund this particular component of your New Year’s Eve party. Are you into Tiesto? That’ll be $200k thank you very much. Deadmaus will cost you exactly the same. Calvin Harris? A steal at $150,000! If that all sounds a bit much, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the PlayEuroLotto team would be delighted to DJ at your party for around half the price these guys are charging. You’re welcome!

The main thing

Good company, whether that comes in the form of your friends, your family or your very own self. Luckily this one item on the checklist does not require a lottery win.

Have a very happy new year!