10 curious betting-related facts!

curious betting-related facts

Betting is one of the oldest pastimes known to man, responsible for all manner of excitements, cheers and, unfortunately, jeers. There’s a host of different ways one can indulge in a little spot of gambling, however hidden beneath the facades of these popular games is a world of the strange, curious and downright interesting!

1. Sweden’s Unorthodox Lottery

Like most cities in the world, Stockholm has a system in place to catch, prosecute and fine those who speed along the capital’s roads. Unlike most other capitals, however, the proceeds of these fines are pooled into a jackpot which is then awarded randomly to motorists who obey the speed limit!

2. Third Time’s The Charm

Residing in Tipton, United Kingdom, is a family that has won the country’s national lottery not once, not twice, but thrice! The extremely lucky household defied odds of 350 billion to 1, winning £3.25 million in the process!

3. Tricky Dick

To fund his 1946 election campaign, Richard Nixon used cash he’d won during poker games played whilst fighting as a sailor during World War 2. One might say this set the stage for the rather rambunctious political career that followed!

curious betting-related facts

4. That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

In March 2005 110 players correctly guessed five out of six of the numbers drawn for the Powerball draw. No, they weren’t a syndicate of cheaters, instead having chosen numbers featured on a popular brand of Chinese fortune cookie! Thankfully, the lottery paid out to each winner in full, each receiving between $100,000 and $500,000, depending on how much they had bet.

5. Many Hands

Getting a royal flush in a game of poker is no mean feat, however anyone that has done has extra cause to celebrate; the chance of getting one is 1 in 649,740, due to the 2,598,960 potential five-card hands that exist in the game.

6. Ultra-Slots

Whilst most slot machines will only pay out around $100 every day, the largest ever doled out was a monumental $39,713,982.25!!! That’s amazing but let’s be honest, it’s nothing compared to the biggest lottery prizes in the world now, is it?


7. It’s a Man’s World

There might be a reason why gamblers depicted in films are men surrounded by floozies; 84% of gamblers surveyed by Inland Entertainment Corp were found to be men! The Rat Pack lives on!

8. Napoleon, High-Stakes Gambler

According to historians, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite game was Blackjack. This might explain his somewhat risk-driven approach to war during the early part of the 19th century.

9. The Ancient Game

Bingo was invented in Italy in 1530, and is one of the oldest gambling games on earth. Not as old as Keno, of course, which was invented in China between 205 and 187 BC.


10. Devil’s Spin

Roulette is a mainstay of spy flicks and thrilling heist movies, but there’s a darker secret hidden in the spinning wheel that most casinos wouldn’t want you finding out! All of the numbers on the roulette wheel, you see, add up to 666 – the Devil’s number!