DinoLotto Celebrates Its First Birthday

A year ago today, we launched our first ever totally original, exclusive-to-PlayEuroLotto lottery: DinoLotto. Let’s recap the fantastic story of our greatest creation yet, as DinoLotto celebrates its first birthday.

A lottery with a difference

This time last year, PlayEuroLotto had been offering bets on the world’s biggest and best lotteries for half a decade. Over that time we encountered all sorts of lottery players, from ambitious folk who aim for the biggest jackpots to more tactical players who aim for the easiest wins.

One thing we noticed was that wasn’t really a lottery out there that served the people in the middle: players who want monster jackpots and great odds on winning the top prize. That’s why we created DinoLotto.

DinoLotto offers all the benefits of a winnable European lottery, combined with the kind of jackpots usually reserved for the leading draws in the United States. Its benefits include:

  • A fixed jackpot of € 50 million in every single draw
  • The same great odds and gameplay as EuroMillions
  • Quick, convenient customer service and results notifications – just like any other PlayEuroLotto lottery

Playing DinoLotto is a piece-of-cake for anyone who’s familiar with EuroMillions. The gameplay is just the same, and the results are based on the EuroMillions draws which take place every Tuesday and Friday. The only difference is that the guaranteed jackpot level is massively higher!

How can DinoLotto jackpots be so much bigger than EuroMillions jackpots?

The DinoLotto jackpot is set at € 50 million, whereas the EuroMillions jackpot can sometimes grow higher. This means the two games roughly even out in terms of ticket revenue and prize money offered.

We love it when the EuroMillions jackpot grows to huge figures, up to a maximum of € 190 million. But for those weeks when the EuroMillions jackpot fund is back down to its minimum of € 17 million, or on any week where it’s below € 50 million, DinoLotto offers a richer incentive to play.

The prizes on offer in every DinoLotto draw are as follows:

Main numbers Dino numbers Odds of winning Expected winnings
5 2 1:139.838.160 € 50.000.000
5 1 1:6.991.908 € 100.000
5 0 1:3.107.515 € 50.000
4 2 1:621.503 € 10.000
4 1 1:31.076 € 1.000
4 0 1:14.126 € 150
3 2 1:13.812 € 80
2 2 1:986 € 25
3 1 1:707 € 15
3 0 1:314 € 12
1 2 1:188 € 10
2 1 1:50 € 7
2 0 1:22 € 5

How to play DinoLotto

To play DinoLotto, just follow these simple steps (you’ll need a PlayEuroLotto player account first):

  1. Go to the DinoLotto page
  2. Select five regular numbers from 1 to 50
  3. Select two Dino Numbers from 1 to 12
  4. Select your entry options (draw day/date, subscription, ticket duration)
  5. Add to Cart. Check-out.

And it really is that simple! If you want an even easier experience, just click the Randomise button on the number-picker, and our system will select your numbers for you.

If you’re new to PlayEuroLotto, you’ll be happy to hear that you are eligible for our free lotto play Welcome Bonus, which gives you the opportunity to buy as tickets as you want in the lottery of your choice, risk-free. If none of the tickets you buy wins a prize, we’ll pay the credit used straight back into your player account. All of our lotteries are included in this fantastic offer, including DinoLotto.

A message from the CEO

The PlayEuroLotto team would like to thank all our players who have played DinoLotto over the past year. Here’s a message from our CEO, Richard Mifsud:

“Launching our new game, DinoLotto, has been one of the most exciting challenges we’ve ever faced. A huge amount of work went into this game, from creating the game’s branding to coming up with the perfect product to fill what we saw as a gigantic gap in the market.

“PlayEuroLotto may have made DinoLotto, but it’s our loyal players who have made DinoLotto a success. We want to extend to you our warmest thanks for taking the plunge and trying something new. It fills us with pride whenever a player wins a DinoLotto prize – so we sincerely hope you’ll keep on playing and keep on winning. Good luck!”

Comments (3)

I want to join freeEurolotto.com

Reply Written by: hendrik on 14.6.2017 at 16:13

Why cant people in the Netherlands which is a European country suddenly no longer play the Dinolotto??? You had no problem taking my money for the past year and now i suddenly get blocked from purchasing a ticket? Wtf???

Reply Written by: Dinolotto player on 12.9.2017 at 11:17

    Hi Dinolotto player,
    We are sorry to say that due to latest regulatory changes we can not offer DinoLotto, EuroJackpot and Lotto 6/49 products within your registered jurisdiction. We apologize for these temporary inconveniences and we would like to invite you to join our other products, such as EuroMillions, PowerBall and MegaMillions. We will keep you updated on our product offer in the future via newsletter.

    Reply Written by: Monika on 6.10.2017 at 11:46