Euro Combi Syndicate: Boost Your Chances Of A Major Win!

Joining a syndicate is a super-smart. But it is also an utterly intriguing way to play lotto. According to a leading national lotto, this betting method provides roughly one in every four jackpot wins. Did you know you can now join in the syndicate action online with PlayEuroLotto’s fantastic syndicate offers?

For those of you who don’t know what syndicate play is, check out our in-depth feature. Now join us as we shine a spotlight on the first of our terrific trio of syndicate set-ups, the Euro Combi!

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Meet the Euro Combi syndicate!

We’ve brought in this unique syndicate set-up the twin titans of European multinational lottery. EuroMillions and EuroJackpot! Join this syndicate for as little as € 9,90 per week and you’ll stand to win a share of any winnings brought in by a whopping 155 unique lotto lines. That’s 110 across two EuroMillions draws and 45 in the Friday night EuroJackpot draw.

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All about EuroMillions and EuroJackpot

EuroMillions and EuroJackpot rightly stand as two of the world’s most widely played, widely admired lottery games. The former EuroMillions, met with instant acclaim when it launched across France, Spain and the UK in 2004. It has since gone on to spread to many other countries, paying out some of the biggest jackpot wins Europe has ever seen in the process. Remember that unbelievable record jackpot prize of € 189.000.000?

EuroMillions may still be the big shot of European lotto, but relative newcomer EuroJackpot is catching up fast, with prizes to date ranging up to € 61.000.000, and game mechanics that make this lotto that little bit easier to win. The good odds on winning a EuroJackpot prize are precisely the reason why this lottery makes a great partner for EuroMillions in the Euro Combi. You get that great chance of a smaller yet still substantial win to go along with that big money EuroMillions dream.

How to play straight away

Making the arrangements for a lottery syndicate on this scale is a complex process, but you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve done all that legwork for you! Just head over to our Euro Combi syndicate page . Click ‘Find out more’ and follow the simple on-screen instructions to place yourself in pole position for a major European jackpot win.

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