EuroMillions Jackpot of € 190 Million Won in Spain

A Spanish EuroMillions player has won a massive jackpot of € 190 million, equalling the record for the largest lottery prize ever claimed by a European lottery winner.

The lucky winner matched all five regular numbers and the two Lucky Stars in the big draw on Friday October 6th. Their winning numbers were as follows:

1, 9, 15, 19, 25 and the Lucky Stars 1 and 7.

The win came after four straight weeks of rollovers, which saw the jackpot fund grow to its maximum level. At the time of writing the EuroMillions jackpot fund has climbed back to € 41 million and is growing steadily once again.

Who won the jackpot?

The record winner from the draw on October 6th has chosen to remain anonymous, so unfortunately, we don’t know much about them.

We can, however, reveal that the winning ticket is believed to have been validated at a store in Las Palmas, on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria (pictured above). The store’s owner, Esther Gloria Almeida Sanchez, told reporters: “I did not expect to sell this big prize because it was a lot of money, but last night they called me from the Delegation of the Canary Islands to tell me that we had given 190 million euros.”

Source: laprovincia

Gran Canaria is a hugely popular tourist destination, which means there is a very real possibility that for the first time ever, a record lottery jackpot has been won by someone on their holiday. If that were the case, it’d be one of the wackiest lottery stories we’ve heard since Voltaire conned the French lottery in the 1700s.

How does this win rank amongst the world’s biggest lottery jackpots?

A win worth € 190 million would make the news headlines anywhere in the world.

Even in the United States – home of the only billion euro jackpot win in history – prizes on this scale are relatively rare.

This is the third time in EuroMillions history a maximum € 190 million jackpot has been won. Previous winners of the highest possible jackpot were Adrian and Gillian Bayford of England, who won in 2012, and an anonymous Portuguese player, who won in 2014. These three wins now jointly share the record for the largest prize ever given out to a European lottery player.

The Spanish record for a lottery jackpot, meanwhile, has been completely shattered. Previously, the highest jackpot won with a ticket bought in Spain was the € 137 million claimed on Friday 13th June, 2014.

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A great night to be a runner up

If you were ever going to choose a night to get five numbers plus only one of the two Lucky Stars correct in EuroMillions, this was it.

Due to the high number of rollovers in the lead-up to the draw, the prize fund was topped up with millions of euro extra for second-tier prize-winners. This meant that an amazing 16 runners-up from all over Europe won € 1,2 million each.

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Breaking News: The Powerball jackpot just reached € 132 million

If you’re disappointed that you missed out on the € 190 million jackpot, we have some news here that will hopefully cheer you up.

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