Where is my EuroMillions Raffle Number?

We receive lots of emails from customers asking: “Where is my EuroMillions raffle number?” This article is designed for those customers, covering why we don’t provide EuroMillions numbers at the moment, and how we hope to provide this service in the future.

Why PlayEuroLotto does not currently support EuroMillions Raffle Numbers

Unlike the EuroMillions lottery itself, EuroMillions Raffle gameplay is always associated with an individual participating nation e.g. the UK Millionaire Maker Raffle. Meanwhile, PlayEuroLotto sources the tickets you buy from multiple participating territories, which makes providing a millionaire raffle service unmanageable at the present time.

We do our very best to provide our customers with the fullest possible online lottery experience at all times. Unfortunately there are some secondary game features in EuroMillions and other lotteries that we cannot yet include – but we’re always working to ensure the defining features of each lottery can be enjoyed to the full via our online service. We fully believe our combination of competitive ticket prices and slick, secure service still makes us the most complete international lottery provider on the net.

Bet on EuroMillions
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Will PlayEuroLotto tickets ever include the EuroMillions Raffle?

We understand that a number of our players are interested in the EuroMillions Raffle, and as such, our production team is currently making efforts to identify a system that will allow PlayEuroLotto players to participate in the EuroMillions Raffle or a similar game when they buy a EuroMillions ticket.

Can I still add extra fun to my game with PlayEuroLotto?

Yes! PlayEuroLotto players can add an extra layer to their game by adding a Boosterball play to their ticket. For as little as €1 extra, you can add a bonus chance to win with any lottery ticket bought via PlayEuroLotto. You can read more about this feature in our Boosterball guide.

If PlayEuroLotto were to add EuroMillions Raffle lines to EuroMillions tickets at the present time, we would have to add more than €1 extra to our ticket prices in order to cover the added costs. That’s why you won’t see a Raffle number on your PlayEuroLotto EuroMillions ticket, for now at least.