EuroMillions Rule Changes 2016: Bigger Jackpots, 12 Lucky Star Numbers

euromillions rule changes

We’ve always loved EuroMillions, from its fantastically fun gameplay to the glittering prizes on offer in every draw. Now Europe’s leading lottery is set to become even better, thanks to the most significant set of EuroMillions rule changes since the noughties, when the game launched.


Twice as many jackpots over € 50 million

EuroMillions has always been fun, but the game is always at its most exciting when there’s a monster jackpot to play for. The new EuroMillions will provide (seriously) big money thrills far more regularly, with jackpots of over € 50 million set to be offered more than twice as often.

euromillions rule changes

One extra Lucky Star

Those big jackpots will be made possible by the addition of one extra number option to the Lucky Star range. To complete a EuroMillions line, players must now choose two Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12, rather than 1 to 11. The change will affect the odds just enough to make monster jackpots possible on a regular basis – and you’ll be glad to hear that EuroMillions will remain far easier to win than comparable lotteries in other parts of the world.


Multi-million euro increase on the minimum jackpot

The minimum jackpot for every single EuroMillions jackpot will now be a whopping € 17 million – that’s a € 2 million increase on the previous figure. The jackpot fund resets to this level after every draw in which the jackpot is won. More rollovers are expected to happen due to change in odds of winning. However, the overall odds of winning any prize on EuroMillions staying at 1 in 13.


Superdraws just got even more super

One of the most exciting of the EuroMillions rule changes is a massive increase in Superdraw prize money, from € 100 million to € 130 million. Superdraws take place a few times a year – the next one is scheduled for Friday 30th September.


When do the new rules take effect?

euromillions superdraw
The first EuroMillions draw under the new rules takes place on Tuesday 27th September. The lottery’s organisers are unlikely to make further changes to the EuroMillions format for a number of years. We think you’re going to love the new and improved EuroMillions!

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