Exclusive Lotto Winner’s Lifestyle: Top 4 Private Islands

Private Islands

The sound of the sea… Escape from the real world… a multi-million-euro price-tag… Over the past century, private islands have come to epitomise the mega-rich dream. It collides with the seemingly irreconcilable ideas of beautiful isolation and fabulous material luxury.

Lotto Winner’s Lifestyle private islands

There once was a time where you could just wash up on the shore and call an island your own. Robinson Crusoe-style ! Alas, those days are done, with private islands now the preserve of the wealthy. If you should just so happen to win the amazing jackpots that rolled over in last weekend’s lottos. You could buy yourself a whole archipelago! Here are our top 4 private islands for your consideration:

1. Necker Island: $200million+

This is quite possibly the world’s best known private island; it’s almost certainly one of the world’s most beautiful. Snapped up by Virgin boss Richard Branson for the princely sum of $180k back in the seventies, this remarkable spot in the British Virgin Islands is now worth over $200million, making it one of the entrepreneur’s most lucrative investments to date. The Bransons’ island home doubles up as a plush holiday resort for the rich and famous.

2. Australasia in miniature


The Australasian branch of the remarkable World Islands Project in Dubai is finally underway, with floating island experts Dutch Docklands poised to craft the artificial islands off the coast of the mega-rich Gulf hub. The islands will be built in the shape of the Australasian continent, and will boast luxury villas and private beaches.

dfgDutch Docklands CEO Paul Van de Camp said of the project, “Having your own private island close by a world class city will be a unique opportunity for a very selective group of people that only want the best. This new development will diversify the already impressive Dubai real estate market to a new level of luxury.” We’re sold, Paul.


3. Lisbon Island: $310 million

Here’s one for the mega-ambitious… Lisbon Island may not boast the tropical majesty of Necker or the pre-packaged luxury of the World Islands Project, but it does represent a golden opportunity for the right investor. Situated just off the coast of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, this is an island that’s ripe for developing into a gorgeous leisure destination or conference facility.

4. Moute Iti: $952.000

1We’ll finish with what could quite possibly be our pick of the bunch. The beautiful French Polynesian island of Moute Iti is a steal (comparatively speaking) at roughly 810.000 euros and is well within the average lotto jackpot winners budget. Covered in beautiful white sand and surrounded by the azure waters of the Bora Bora lagoon, Moute Iti is a little slice of paradise! Better get saving…