The Final Lotto News Stories of the Year!

Lotto Stories of the Year!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the end of 2014 is upon us, and what a year it has been! We’ve seen nine-figure jackpot funds, a series of fantastic additions to our online service and a prize of over €200,000 paid out to one Slovakian player by PlayEuroLotto, to name but a few of the things that have made the last 12 months something special. We hope you’ll enjoy this final weekly round-up of lotto news stories, and we hope you’ll enjoy health, happiness and perhaps even a lottery win in 2015!

The big news

Our biggest headlines seem to switch from Europe to the US month-upon-month, week-upon-week, and on this occasion it has been Europe’s time to shine. Both of the continent’s big multi-national lottos paid out eight-figure jackpot prizes over the weekend; read on to find out more!


EuroMillions players just can’t stop winning at the moment! This massive lotto’s jackpot fund was claimed once again on Friday night, with the winner taking home a spectacular €25,234,535; something gives us the impression they’re about to have a reasonably happy new year.


The jackpot bonanza carried through to Europe’s second biggest weekly lottery event, EuroJackpot. This exciting lotto’s Friday night draw saw one player claim a prize of €17,783,911 by matching all five regular numbers and two Euro Numbers


Two dollar millionaires were created in the Friday night drawing of America’s record breaking lottery MegaMillions. Both players matched 5 numbers and were rewarded with prizes of exactly $1,000,000 each. The jackpot fund – which now stands at € 140,800,000 – rolls over to this week.


Similarly, the USA’s most popular lotto, Powerball, brought no jackpot wins along with its big weekend draw on Saturday night. This being an American draw, that doesn’t necessarily mean there weren’t some massive prizes paid out; 3 players became millionaires, including two players who chose the draw’s Power Play option and matched five numbers to win $2million each.


Saturday night’s 6/49 draw proved to be largely uneventful, with no first-tier or second-tier wins to report. 49 players claimed a handsome €13,000+ consolation prize.


It was the same old story in Italy’s SuperEnalotto on Saturday night; no players struck it lucky with first-tier or second-tier wins, however there were some sizable sums paid out in the form of the four €59,912 windfalls claimed by players who matched 5 numbers correctly.