Five EuroJackpot Winners Claim Record Jackpot!

The EuroJackpot lottery has just enjoyed the most incredible night in its history! An unprecedented FIVE EuroJackpot winners all hit the jackpot in last Friday’s (06/01/17) € 90 million draw, which equalled the record for the largest jackpot ever won in this particular lottery.

The winning numbers

The winning numbers in the historic draw were as follows: 7, 14, 23, 27, 35, and the Euro Numbers 3 and 5

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Each of the draw’s five jackpot winners took home an € 18 million share of the € 90 million jackpot fund. Three of the winning players hail from Germany – the home of EuroJackpot’s largest national following – with ticketholders from Denmark and the Netherlands account for the remaining jackpot matches.

This was a massive night for lower-level prize-winners too, with an amazing 1,7 million prizes awarded to players across all twelve prize tiers, including 35 runners-up who shared a massive second-tier prize kitty of € 20,8 million.

At the start of the year we predicted that EuroJackpot was about to step up to the next level on the international lotto scene – and on the strength of this incredible draw, it seems to be happening even sooner than we expected.

EuroJackpot Chairman Andreas Kotter had this to say about the historic draw: “With this big win in the first draw of 2017, a great new year awaits our new multimillionaires. This was a remarkable draw: Not only did the jackpot reach the maximum amount for the third time. For the first time since the start of the lottery in March 2012, the jackpot was hit simultaneously by several players.”

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Remember, you can play EuroJackpot online with PlayEuroLotto. Just head over to our EuroJackpot page, select your numbers and place your bets to get a taste of Europe’s hottest lottery!

EuroJackpot offers a great mix of gigantic jackpots and beatable odds. In short, it’s your best shot at becoming super-rich.

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