Try these fun ways to pick your lottery numbers

how to pick lottery numbers

Fun Ways to pick lottery numbers

We would all dearly love to win one of this week’s multi-million euro jackpots. It’s always worth remembering; the game of lottery is more about having a good time than getting rich! Try out these fun ways to pick lottery numbers and we guarantee you’ll play with a smile on your face. Win or lose !

Pick your family’s ages… and how old they look!

This one requires a lotto where you have to pick six numbers such as the German lottery for example.

  • Pick three numbers representing the ages of three members of your family.
  • Pick another three representing how old said family members actually look.

Remember, you can’t be too harsh as none of our number ranges extend into the hundreds (if you’re looking for a high number range, try Powerball!) or pick lottery numbers within the range


Choose unlucky numbers

Wouldn’t that be contrary? You can find a list on where a page compiled all unlucky numbers from different cultures and origins. If that does not help you pick lottery numbers…

Represent your lotto dreams

The result of our attempt to represent a lottery-themed dream using Deep Dream Generator was basically a huge disappointment. Everybody has a lotto wishlist of their very own. Choose a set of numbers based on the price tags of your dream items . If you want a 5 million euro house pick number 5; if you have your heart set on a 30.000 EUR car, enter number 30 into the draw. This method is for all the daydreamers out there.

how to pick lottery numbers

Take inspiration from your bills

Here you are struggling to decide on a series of numbers to enter into the lotto, when the answer just sits on your doormat all along! Bills by their very nature are depressingly jam-packed with numbers. Choose a few at random from your phone bill, council tax bill or whatever else you have lying round and use them the next time you play lotto. How sweet it would be to win millions tomorrow using the numbers that are stinging you in the pocket today! What a revenge it would be !

The cultured option

If you love to read, your ideal pick lottery numbers option might be right there in your favourite book! Grab a short novel (a novella would be ideal!) and find the pages where your favourite passages are located. Do try to get an even spread of numbers throughout the range you need.

Alternatively, head over to the top 100 chart for the best selling singles in your home country, cut off the list at whatever number you need to pick your lotto numbers from, and select your numbers based on your favourite songs on the chart.

‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia at number 7 on the UK singles chart right now, so we’ll be adding that to our tickets this weekend! And no, we don’t care if that’s a lame choice.

Borrow some brain power

Most great decisions tend to result from the cooperation of several people, rather than the genius of one. Borrow some brain power by asking random friends and family (or if you’re feeling brave, members of the public) to pick a number from 1 to whatever number applies to the lotto you’re playing. For extra amusement, coyly refuse to tell your human random number generators the meaning of the exercise when they inevitably start asking questions. Duly note that it would be very bad karma not to buy these people a present if you win the jackpot!

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